Telling the World Your Big News

When you’re pumped about a major announcement, it always feels like you can’t get the news out fast enough. After all, you’re excited about it, why shouldn’t everyone else?

But when sharing your big news, you may run into a problem: which is the best venue for my announcement? Should I stick to something traditional like a press release or go new-school with social media?

To decide this, it’s best to look at the actual content of your announcement, as some are more suited to certain areas than others. No matter how big the news is to YOU, it may not matter to everyone in the world.

Press Releases

You can quickly discount press releases as the proper medium with one simple question: is your announcement truly news? Now, I don’t mean to insinuate what you’re excited about is pure fluff, far from it. But what people think is a major news announcement can often be proven otherwise.

The question I always ask myself before committing to a press release is: Would I read this in the newspaper? If I picked up the paper and saw the headline, would I be interested in continuing? Be honest. If so, go ahead; if not, it’s fine to pick another method.

Another consideration when choosing a press release to announce your news is the limitation of the medium. There are no links, no videos, and often no pictures to accompany your words. If you’re looking for something dynamic and pretty, a press release isn’t the way to go. Still, they are very widespread, and a great way to reach a large audience.

Social Media

With a lot of planning and a little bit of luck, social media can broaden your announcement’s reach in no time flat. The beauty of social media is there are so many avenues available to you, be it through Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, web forums, etc. Eventually if you say your message enough it will get through.

However, on the flip side, the problem with social media is there is just so much traffic out there. When you’re shouting from within a sea of others, it’s difficult to get your message heard. At least when a press release is picked up you can count on others actually reading it. With social media, there’s no guarantee anyone sees what you post, no matter how important.

However, this is where you can let your creativity shine. Ingenuity on the Internet is usually rewarded, so if you make your message truly unique, chances are it will be seen. If your announcement is as big a deal as you believe it is, it will come across in the message you concoct.

Which medium do you choose for your latest big announcement?

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