Staying “Active” in PR

I always find it funny when someone in a movie or TV show is shown working in the PR business. Inevitably it comes off as either really cushy or way more glamorous than it really is. Sometimes they’re even shown taking a break. A break! Can you imagine?

The reality is public relations is a very active industry, far removed from the passive representation shown on various forms of media. While it’s not exactly bone-breaking work in a coal mine, PR isn’t for the weak-hearted. It takes a constant vigilance not found in many other industries.

Want to keep a more active role in your PR efforts? Here are some tips to make your life a little easier.

Keep Reading, Listening and Networking 

It’s difficult to grasp how much information you come across each day. Even if you’re not on your phone or laptop all day then you’re still running into people who will tell you about this event or that piece of news. As a result you may start to run into information overload where one more piece of info will make your head explode.

However, keep your head together, because this is your life now. Your job is to take in information and deal with it in some manner. If you stop reading and listening then you’re going to miss out on something big. It could be a big story that affects your company or a big opportunity to reach the entire world. If you miss it, it’s gone.

Plan Ahead

It’s easier to relax once in a while when you know every step you’re going to take in the next six months. If you’re not a planner, then, well, it’s time to learn to love it! I can’t say I was a planner before I started down this road, but I learned quickly that not doing so can lead to potential disaster.

Let’s say you have a big product release coming down the pipeline about six months from now. Without a proper plan, you could be worrying every step of the way if something was going to go wrong. This could lead to trouble, especially if something DOES go wrong. Coming up with a proper schedule can help you prepare for any eventual roadblocks you may face.

Find Fun When You Can

Again, public relations is a constant thing happening, not just a job you return home from. Eventually you have to figure out a way to relax and have fun with it; otherwise, you’re going to run yourself ragged, especially during high stress events like a product launch or major disaster.

The trick is to find the fun in the job when you can. For the most part, PR can be very enjoyable. You meet tons of new people, get lots of insider scoops you have to keep secret, and know all the tricks companies are pulling to grab peoples’ money. Meeting the balance between your life and your job, though, can be a trick only you can pull off. Seriously, you need that “throw your iPhone into the ocean” moment once in awhile.

And you? How do you keep up with the fast paced nature of PR?

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