“Spice” Up Your Press Releases

I don’t know about you, but I like a little heat with my food. Although I’ve since let it lapse into disrepair, I once had a fairly adequate hot sauce collection. Honestly I didn’t use a lot of it, but I tried them all and saw what they all brought to the table.

Unless you’re a fan, it’s hard to describe what makes a crazy hot sauce so delectable. But even if you can only stand a little warmth, you have to admit it’s good to get your taste buds dancing once in a while.

So what in the world does this have to do with press releases? Can a PR really be “spicy,” and just like the fiery liquid, can you really sprinkle too much and chase away readers?

Little Dab

Most press releases journalists receive are…well, “eh” is a good word for them. Quite a few press releases are just plain bad, but the main reason most PRs don’t get picked is because nobody who reads them was particularly blown away. They somehow made a huge news announcement seem like it was about paint drying in the spare bedroom.

On the other hand, you sometimes run into press releases and you can’t believe they were ever sent out to the world for people to see. They almost seem like parodies, or short stories perhaps; tales more to astound than to inform, ones you know will never see the light of day.

Somewhere in the middle are ones that actually have a chance of getting printed in the newspaper or run on tv. Usually, these press releases have a little dab of “spice” to them – something that makes journalists’ “taste buds” dance when they read them.

Typically, there’s just a little more to the usual information to these spicy press releases. Not that there’s crazy formatting, or wacky fonts – that’s a little too much spice! But a few dabs of sauce, like some particularly inventive adjectives and wording, can make a huge difference.

Why Does it Work?

Unless you’ve worked in a newsroom, there’s no way to comprehend the amount of press releases that come in each day. Luckily email exists now and many can be simply deleted or ignored, but there are still tons of paper press releases that flood offices daily.

Now consider the one poor sap who has to sift through all this stuff to find a good one to fill a page. Out of the ten million that came in that day, this person has to pick ONE press release to fill a small space on page 3 because they just don’t have anything yet.

If every single release is formatted, written, and is roughly about the same topics, how is this person going to choose? That’s right; he or she is going to look for something that stands out just enough to be interesting to read but not too kooky to chase away readers. They’ll find one with a great headline, a solid opening paragraph, and a body that “wows” them enough to get their taste buds jumping around. Make sure it’s yours!

How “spicy” did you make your last press release?

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