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Speedo’s High Tech Swimsuit to Sink or Swim by PR Effort?

It can’t be good to be Speedo right now. The company’s LZR Racer high-tech body suit has set swimming records and created buzz well beyond the competitive swimming community. Reversing 2007 approval, the sport’s governing body known as FINA has announced that swimsuits be cut according to gender in 2010. Men can wear suits that run from the waist to the knees. Women can wear suits that go from below the shoulders to the knees. Speedo is cranking out the damage control using Michael Phelps as a spokesperson.  Craig Brommers, SVP of marketing at Speedo, said: “Michael Phelps is helping us with our messaging to the public that communicates, first of all, that we’re pleased these suits are banned, and second of all that Speedo will continue to innovate within these new rules.”

PR Week:

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