Sometimes a Simple Phone Call Clears Everything Up with a Client

Occasionally you run into a problem that seems to have no solution. You try and try to figure out how to help this client or make things clearer to them over social media and email but nothing’s going right. If only there was some way you can talk to them directly! 

Closeup of a telephone keypadIn this digital age we assume it’s much easier to deal with things through the computer. Often, it is, there’s no denying that, especially if you’re trying to multitask. However, once in a while simply picking up the phone and talking to somebody one-on-one is the only way to go.

Personal and Quick 

Have you ever texted with a friend where to eat for dinner, only to realize forty texts in you should’ve just called them and be done with it? So many times we do things the hard way without even thinking about it. It may take a little more time when you include pleasantries, but a phone call can wrap up a confusing situation quickly.

Plus, it shows you care a little more about your clients. When all they get are emails or social media conversations it’s tough to imagine you’re primarily concerned with their well-being. Simply hearing your voice can go a long way in cementing a better relationship.

Confidential Info 

No matter how secure your email is there’s always a hesitancy to send confidential information through it, especially with the threat of hackers. If you have a big client that has an NDA contract with a major movie star, you don’t want that to get out to just anybody. One hacked password and the secret is out, ruining a potential sure moneymaker for everyone.

A phone call to relay super confidential information can ensure better security as there’s less chance of a leak. You may also be able to talk about breaking details and rumors that wouldn’t be easy to convey across email.

Safety Concerns 

Of course you’re not always sitting in front of your computer. You’re out on the town wheelin’ and dealin’ and otherwise living your life. If a client has an important question as you’re getting in the car to go see your kid’s final performance of Hamlet you can’t just email them back as you’re driving.

This is where a Bluetooth or other handheld option comes in handy. A quick call using this device and your client is satisfied and your kid is grateful you made it on time.

Body and Voice Cues 

Part of building a client relationship is getting to know each other. Have you ever heard the customer service tip of “speak with a smile?” It’s not middle management nonsense; the trick actually works as the customer can hear that you’re smiling. It sounds strange, but it’s true.

To actually get to know your clients it helps to actually speak with them now and again. Typing “lol” isn’t the same as sharing a hearty laugh over a goofy joke you read somewhere. The next time you think about getting away with just an email to a client, try calling instead. It may improve your business in more ways than one.

How often do you call your clients rather than email?

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