Social Media Tricks to Gain Your Blog More Views

Tired of writing amazing blogs and nobody ever seeing them? Your blog is only as good as its view count, so making sure there are enough eyeballs to justify all the work is vital. You’ve most likely taken the first steps of social media to get more views (like sign up and make a page for your company), but how can this turn into views for your blog posts?

thumbs_upIn fact there are several seemingly little things you can do to give your blog big results. Do these often enough and the readers will have a much easier time finding you and your amazing material.

Pay Attention to Share Times 

Over the years we’ve seen variations of specific times you should share your blog posts on social media. At one point it was Friday afternoon, then there was one report that said on the weekends, while many noticed that certain times during the middle of the week were ideal.

While these are good reports to check out, make sure you remember these are all for a general audience. If your business markets to people who work at night, will those ideal times still be relevant? No. So it’s up to you to see when the peak times are for your campaign.

Share Often – but Don’t Spam 

Many companies feel like sharing their blog post once is enough, that their fans will find it. But the reality of the situation is that your readers are likely getting bombarded daily with material. They just might not see it, plain as that.

This is why you make sure to at least post your blog posts a few times to get maximum exposure. This is also why you want to research ideal post times so you get an idea when each day would work best. Then post it twice, maybe three times depending.

Make sure not to spam, though. On Twitter you can get away with more; posting a couple times a day is fine because of the high volume of traffic. On a site like Facebook, though, you will have to be sparser with reposting stuff, especially due to their recent algorithm changes.

Make Sure People Know About All Your Accounts

Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and LinkedIn page? So do your customers, although they likely only follow you on one of those sites. Some of them because they mainly use one site or another, but others simply because they have no idea you’re on the other sites!

This is why cross-promotion is so important. Let your Facebook users know you’re on LinkedIn, Instagram and the others. Same goes for your Twitter followers – let them know about the other pages.

Once they follow you on multiple sites, the chances they’ll see you post about your blog go way up. If they miss it on Twitter, they’ll see it on Instagram. They’ll eventually catch it on one of their feeds and read it…and hopefully share it with all their followers, on each of their accounts.

Which social media site have you found the most success with?

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