Not Even James Cameron or Steve Jobs Can Save Yahoo

My friend Dave writes:

A board that doesn’t have confidence in the CEO but also doesn’t have a clue who to replace the CEO with is just so friggin’ sad.  Not claiming I know the answer but I cannot imagine being in such a situation (to not just fire a leader who’s not getting it done) – this ship continues to sink, sink, sink.

Mickie responds:
To be honest, with so many assets circling the drain, name a talented person who would want to step in and fix this? The only talented guys and gals willing to do this would be former execs from the likes of Coke, Citibank, GE, etc., who could use another golden parachute to ease their retirement. I think the board knows they need someone who gets technology and media but WHO would want this job? Does such a candidate exist? Would that be enough?  
This ship is the Titanic split in half. I don’t think anyone can go in and fix it. I don’t think Steve Jobs in good health could do it and you know I think that man can do most anything. I think Yahoo has enough traffic and assets that something will survive in the future (lifeboats in the frigid ocean) but Yahoo as a superbrand will continue to plummet to the bottom of the ocean.

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