Public Relations Strategies for the Nichiest of Niches

 Your product has, quite possibly, one of the smallest possible customer bases. You love every single one of your customers and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but your product isn’t going to take the world by storm anytime soon. You accept this and are totally fine living in this smaller world. 

Target your customersHowever, you still need to make a living and grow your store. Just because your product exists in a tiny niche doesn’t mean you don’t need to come up with big time PR strategies. Indeed, you might have a tougher job than everyone else since you’ve really got to be in your customers’ heads.

How should you approach PR with all this in mind? Here are some ideas.

Embrace the Mindset 

Your She-Ra Android cell phone covers have blown up – at least in the small niche that loved the show enough to buy a cover for the Android cell phone that is. It’s one of the highest selling Android covers in that particular market so you’re enjoying some great success.

You’d like to keep it going, of course. To do this, you have to stay in your fans’ minds. What do they like about the product? In your case, it’s probably the nostalgia factor. She-Ra is going to be remembered most by the late 20s to mid-30s crowd the most, with a few outliers like young people digging it in an ironic fashion.

So if there’s a way to keep this nostalgic feeling going you should embrace it. For example, why not hunt down some of the people who used to work on the show to talk about the cover? Or some of the animators could even design a brand new one for you, which your fans would definitely eat up.

By embracing the world you’ve found yourself in, you have a better chance of success. While it’s good to dream big, it’s also sound business to be realistic. Not every item is going to be a worldwide success, and that’s fine.

“All for One” Mentality 

People love to feel like they’re part of a group. If it’s a tight-knit, close and personal kind of group, they’ll feel even more connected to it. It’s almost like they have a secret that only a few know about and it’s fun to keep it from everyone else.

If you can tap into this you might just have a gold mine on your hands. For instance the niche for She-Ra Android cell phone covers is small but very friendly. Try to think of ways to keep everyone talking and interacting that brings them together. Offline events are one way, or maybe even an online hangout where you talk about She-Ra.

The point is to make your “circle” feel nice and compact, even if it includes thousands of people. When you put something else out, like another cell phone cover, they’re going to gobble it up as fast as they can to stay in the group.

This also could weirdly help you expand – when your fans turn into super fans, they’ll be more likely to tell their friends. While most of those friends won’t be interested in She-Ra Android cell phone covers, the ones who will could also turn into super fans and so on and so forth. It’s slow growth, but it’s long lasting growth.

What’s the “nichiest” item you sell?

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