Does Your PR Team Live on an Island?

One of the most important things you can do is get hooked up with the right PR team. The right fit will get you and your product or service in the public eye. More eyes mean more sales.

LonelinessBut not just any PR team can accomplish this. That’s why I said the right fit.

Unfortunately, many companies often end up with a PR team that’s living on an island, so to speak. What do I mean by that? Well, the PR team is off by themselves, scheming ways to get press coverage. It’s like they’re in their own bubble, removed from all of your day-to-day operations. Sure, maybe they communicate with you and answer to you, but they have no real idea of what’s going on deep within your organization.

Is it their fault? Sometimes. Sometimes PR pros get haughty and feel like they know what’s best. Their egos get in the way, so they remove themselves from everyone and try to go about things in that manner. But often it’s you, the business person, who banishes the PR pros to their little island. How? By not letting them in to your company. Really letting them in. Let’s see what I mean.

Your PR Team Needs to Know Long-Term Plans

You have a vision. You know where your company is and where it’s headed. You know where you want to take things 10 years down the road. How about your PR team? Do they have a clear idea of your long-term vision? Maybe not. And if not, then how can they match their PR efforts with your long-term vision?

PR should not be treated as a here and now sort of thing. The team should be building towards something great way down the line. And that thing they are building towards should support your long-term goals.

Your PR Team Needs to Spend Time with All Departments in Your Company

If your PR team’s only interactions with your company are with you, then they only see what is going on through your eyes. They only get one, top-level management perspective. Rest assured that if this is the case, they will never truly know your company and your product or service.

A good PR team should spend time with all portions of your company. They need to spend time with your development team, with your sales team, with customer service—everyone. They need to be immersed in your brand…be part of your brand. Only then can they uncover those hidden stories that need to be told—those stories that will resonate with your target market and burn your brand into their hearts and minds.

But again, this will only happen if you open up the doors to your PR team and lead them in. And if they don’t want to leave that island? Well, then it’s probably time for you to find new PR professionals.

Is your PR team living on a deserted island? Tell us about it!

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