Why PR Has Taken the World By Storm

 Public relations is everywhere. All you have to do is take a quick look around at commerce these days and you’ll see companies that have at least a small PR presence. Be it social media, blogs, or even an offline event, businesses have embrace the PR world wholeheartedly. Even the smallest business knows they need some sort of presence to make it in this day and age. 

temporaleHave you ever wondered about that? Why is PR thriving? In fact there are several reasons why public relations has taken the world by storm recently. Here are a few that stand out.

Real Connection 

Today’s public doesn’t like to be told to go buy something. They get enough of that as it is – commercials on TV, ads all over the web, even their favorite podcasts have commercials in them. If you can make a real connection with them they’ll be more likely to listen to you.

And that just happens to be PR’s specialty. A great public relations campaign allows you to get on customers’ level and talk to them like real human beings. When they ask you a question on Facebook, you’re able to respond to them with real language and not just marketing and business jargon.


A major marketing campaign can cost money. Even taking out a small ad in a newspaper or shooting a commercial for a local TV station costs a little dough. Also, if you really want to get word out there about your business, you need to up the ante each time.

A PR campaign, though, potentially could also cost you your time. You can hop online right this minute and sign up for multiple social media accounts and connect with the entire planet. If you want to connect with a local audience, you can write up a press release and send it out in no time flat with virtually no cost if you send it via email.

This means that the smallest business in the tiniest town in America can reach a global audience extraordinarily quickly. At no time in the past has it been so easy to find so many customers at one time.

Free-Flowing Branding 

Creating and maintaining a brand is a lot of hard work. You’re only as good as your last effort and if it doesn’t work out it’s back to the drawing board – which could take quite a bit of time if you’re doing this via traditional marketing or advertising methods.

A branding effort through social media, though, can be as free-flowing as you want it to be. For example, if you start a branding campaign that accentuates your customer service prowess and you notice it not working out like you thought, it wouldn’t take forever to alter and rebrand. You can take the parts that work and redirect the parts that don’t, maybe instead focusing on how convenient your product is to use.

While you could make these same efforts in other areas like marketing, they’re nowhere near as fast or responsive as social media. This allows business to truly find their niche and voice and get on with growing their brand in the way they see fit.

Why do you think PR is so popular in today’s business world?

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