Turning Other People’s PR Lemons Into PR Lemonade

Very few companies get PR. Many think a press release is a high-resolution PDF created on company letterhead that looks pretty.

— The CEO looks at it and smiles.
— The marketing guy looks at it and smiles.
— If and when reporters get it, they just scratch their heads.

Aesthetically, this is a fabulous press release. Content-wise, there’s nothing there.

Best Press-Release-of-the-Week

Recently, Dayton, Ohio-based CertifiChecks Inc. filed for bankruptcy. Just another casualty of these uncertain economic times. A recent press release from jumped on this news by offering to redeem CertifiChecks at a discount. That’s a pretty bold offer and great way of leapfrogging on another company’s bad news.

Eric Goldreyer, CEO of, was quoted in the press release: “We hope our offer will make it easier for folks holding these certificates. B&Bs are affordable, local, and make for a great getaway. It’s a shame if people have to scrap their plans because of CertifiCheck’s bankruptcy.”

Whether or not this press release creates serious media attention, it sends a strong message of integrity and creates media goodwill. A core message throughout many of’s press releases are that B&Bs are an affordable getaway alternative. This press release continues to enforce that message.

That’s why gets my vote as Best Press-Release-of-the-Week™: Helps Consumers Left Affected by CertifiCheck Bankruptcy

Worst Press-Release-of-the-Week™

And the candidate for Worst Press-Release-of-the-Week™ is actually a media alert:

Media Alert: Willis CEO Plumeri Appears in Video on

The headline tells nothing about the importance of this media alert.

— Why does this video matter?
— What is Willis?
— Why is this announcement important?
— There is no company boilerplate in the alert.
— There is no mention of a specific industry.

I can’t help but think this was a true opportunity lost. Very few journalists are going to bother researching a company without a strong foundation.

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  1. Hey Mickie, thanks for the kudos! We consistently try to include all the right information and provide reasons why our stories are important news stories, but in the end, relevance is in the eye of the beholder. Your comments are extremely meaningful, coming from a PR expert and one who reads so many press releases every day. We couldn’t get the kind of coverage we do without the help of E-Releases; we consider our partnership with your company one of the top keys to our success. Thanks for the affirmation, Mickie! – Marti Mayne,

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