PR Fuel’s 5 Articles You Need to Read This Week

Hey, we work hard to deliver great content here at PR Fuel, but I’m the first to admit that there are tons of great PR blogs across the web. As part of an ongoing effort to provide you with the most dynamic resource possible and to highlight some of the brilliant minds in the business, we’ll occasionally be showcasing some of our favorite posts from around the web.

Go buttonI hope you don’t have anywhere to go, because there are some great articles in this edition!


  1. The Five Best Tips You’ve Never Heard for More and Better Media Coverage (Erin Bracken, Hillenby)—I don’t care who you are, you could use more media coverage. We all could. The simple, yet very effective, tips in this blog post can help you get that media coverage you longingly desire.
  2. How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis (Barry Welford, Social Media Examiner)—Social media is a ticking time bomb. All it takes is one slight misstep and that bomb will go off, destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to build. You must always be prepared for the worst as a social media crisis can strike at a moment’s notice.
  3. Gradually and then suddenly (Seth Godin)—Seth Godin is one of the brightest marketers of our generation. The man just knows his stuff, and he makes you think. This post is no exception. Is your brand dying slowly? By the time you suddenly notice it, will it be too late?
  4. How to Tell Your Company’s Story (Adam Bluestein, Inc.)—Great marketing tells a story. Every brand has a story. What separates the great brands from the average ones is how good that story is and how effectively it’s communicated. Your story is what connects you to your audience. Get it right.
  5. How to Craft a Magnetic PR Pitch (Rachel Chapdelaine, Inbound Marketing Agents)—Having trouble crafting an effective pitch? This article breaks down the anatomy of a great pitch into an easy-to-understand format. I particularly like the line, “The What, The Who, The Where and The How of a PR pitch are all dictated by The Why.”


Now’s the time where I turn it over to you. Share your favorite posts by commenting below!

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