Phrases You Should Never Utter on Facebook

Running your company’s Facebook page can be harrowing sometimes, as you always feel like you can’t say very much for fear of offending someone. However, while you do have to be careful, you are pretty free to say quite a bit as long as you take into account how it may impact your customers.

Once in a while, though, you run into something you absolutely should not say under any circumstances on Facebook. Hopefully you encounter it while reading about another company saying it instead of experiencing it yourself, but either way there’s something to be learned.

Here are the phrases you never want to find yourself typing:

I Don’t Know What to Do

Your customers come to your Facebook page for many reasons, but one common reason is they are seeking help with a problem. Facebook pages have become a common way for the public to reach their favorite brands and businesses so they can find some aid without emailing or spending all day on the phone.

The last thing they want to hear from you is “I have no idea what to do for you.” Now, don’t take that to mean you can never be confused about an issue. However, don’t let the customer know you’re utterly lost! Consider rewording it as “we’ll look into it” or “we’re on it, thanks for letting us know.” Then be sure to take the all-important step of following up when the problem is solved!

This Group is Better Than That Group

This no-no can come in many forms, whether it’s discussing why Apple fans are better than Microsoft fans (unless you’re Apple, of course) or letting some accidental bias slip. What these boil down to is “this group is better than that other group over there.”

Showing preference of any kind hardly ever goes well if you’re trying to sell broadly in any sense. Even if you’re strictly a niche company, showing preference can still bite you in the butt later on. What if your niche changes to the very group you offended earlier? It all comes back up eventually!

This Page is For Positivity Only

Of course you want your company’s page filled with butterflies and unicorns; positive, encouraging comments always feel great. However, sometimes customers need to vent or figure out an issue.

If you make your customers feel like their “negative” comments aren’t welcome, the whole point of the Facebook page has been defeated. The idea is they can go online and talk with their favorite businesses and tell them what they think. If you ignore that or start deleting any comment you don’t like, then they start to not be able to relate to your business. Eventually, they’ll just ignore you altogether.

Have you said anything on Facebook that got your company into trouble?

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