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Finding Your Fans on Reddit

September 15 2014

Despite its anti-corporate, anti-ad attitude, Reddit finds itself raided by businesses all the time. At any time you can hop on and find accounts that are pretty obviously business owned. They’ve never posted on the site before and suddenly adding funny images or pro-corporate AMAs. You may have even tried to do this before.  Read More

Don’t Let Your Press Release Die in Obscurity Online

September 12 2014

Having trouble getting your press release in the newspapers and magazines? Then your next inclination might be to take it online. You know there exists the possibility of thousands, even millions of eyeballs will see your press release there. It’s just whether or not you can get these eyeballs to click on your story.  Read More

4 Reasons Why Reporters Aren’t Taking Your Press Release Seriously

September 11 2014

You can feel it through the computer. You get an email back from the reporter you sent your latest press release to and you can just hear them laughing as they respond. There’s a feeling they just aren’t taking your press release seriously despite the subject matter obviously not being a joke.  Read More

Should You Fake Your PR Personality?

September 10 2014

Every PR pro knows the feeling: you got to post something on social media or write up a press release and you have a moment where you wonder about the tone you’re using. You start to wonder if it’s the right one for the business or if you should change it up. After all, just because YOU use that tone regularly, it doesn’t mean your business should.  Read More

Public Relations Tactics to Use in a Pinch

September 09 2014

So you can feel success right around the corner. You need something quick to capitalize on the momentum you can feel vibrating in the air. However, you don’t exactly have something planned, or what you do have planned you just realized won’t work for your needs.  Read More

Press Release Headline Makeovers

September 08 2014

After writing headlines for press releases for quite some time it can be difficult to come up with brand new ones. You increasingly need new ways to hook readers in, especially in this hyper-fast digital world. If your headline doesn’t hook the reader immediately it’s likely it will get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.  Read More

Ideas for a Video Series to Suit Every Industry

September 05 2014

Looking to start a video series? It’s a great idea – the longer the world is on the web, the more they gravitate towards easy to digest material like quick videos. They’re also a way to be as interesting as you can which is important if you want the attention you deserve. Read More

Coming Up with an Amazing Press Release Headline

September 04 2014

Think your press release isn’t getting noticed because reporters and editors just don’t care about the story? You may be right – but you also might be mistaken. Your poor title could be all that’s standing in the way of your success. The wrong title could not only confuse the readers but also give them the wrong impression about your business as a whole. Read More

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Press Release Closing Sentences

September 03 2014

Stories are only as good as their endings. If you have an amazing story but goof up the very last part it leaves a bad taste in readers’ mouths. Even though they enjoyed the story up until that point, it will be the main thing they remember, guaranteed.  Read More

Why Hiring the Least Expensive PR Agency is Usually a Bad Idea

September 02 2014

When hiring a PR agency, there are lots of different factors that need to be considered. You need to find an agency with a positive track record of generating meaningful buzz for its clients. You should look for an agency that you click well with…one that understands your product and has experience in your industry. I could go on and on, but the point is you shouldn’t make your choice based solely on any one factor. That’s especially true when it comes to price. Read More