Why You Need to Start Caring about Local TV

I’ve seen it time and time again. Business people want to jump headfirst into the PR game with high hopes of national media coverage. They hire a PR team and then immediately start hurling out expectations of landing interviews and coverage on CNN and FOX News. Then the PR team pauses and says, “Whoa, hold on their, Sport. How about we start with landing you a spot on your local news show?” And the business owner scoffs.

video_presentation“Local media?! That’s small time thinking, guys!”

Sheesh. Look, if that describes you, I really hope you read this post carefully. Understand that these things take time. You have to take your time and work your way up. And a good PR plan should begin with your local media.

So here’s why you really need to start caring about local TV.

It’s a Realistic Goal to Start Out With

When you first get started with PR, it’s important to begin with realistic goals. Sitting down on a nationally syndicated show or even making it on msnbc.com probably isn’t going to happen. After all, they have likely never heard of you. Those sorts of things often take years of networking and PR work.

However, landing a few local interviews is realistic. And each time you sit for one of these interviews, and subsequently see yourself on TV, you’ll have that sense of accomplishing something.

You’ll Appeal to Those Involved in the “Go Local” Movement

More so than ever, people want to support local businesses. There has been an uprising that’s undeniable. A perfect example is the craft beer movement. While big business has dominated beer sales for decades, suddenly within the last few years local craft breweries have been popping up everywhere. The support is overwhelming and the demand is high.

That said, it’s crucial that you connect with the city in which you are based out of. When people learn you are local, they will consider doing business with you before those who are based out of town or out of state.

It’s a Stepping Stone to the Big Leagues

Going back to my first point, starting small is realistic. But not only is it realistic, it’s necessary. Just like baseball players have to go through the minor leagues first to gain necessary experience, so do you have to work your way up the ranks to get on national TV. You need that experience of being on TV to learn how to handle being on camera. And not only that, but the national media needs to know that you have that experience under your belt as well before they “draft” you.

Is it wrong to have high hopes? No. Set your eyes on the big prize—and if that’s landing that big national interview, so be it. More power to you. However, understand that does not mean you should turn your nose up at local TV coverage. It has its place in your plan, or at least it should. As shown above, there are lots of perks associated.

So what about you? Do you fight for local TV coverage? If so, how do you go about getting it? Also, are there other perks I’ve skipped over? Share in the replies!

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