4 SEO Mistakes That Can Get You Penalized By Google

For many businesses, Google is their best source of business. When your site is optimized for the search engines, you can attract quality traffic 24/7, giving your business more leads and more sales. That’s why it’s so critically important to make sure your website never gets penalized or banned by Google. Because if that happens, you get dropped from the search results. And if that happens, you can say goodbye to all of those leads and sales you got from searchers.

Of course, the key to not getting banned or penalized by Google is knowing the things that the search engine frowns upon. By avoiding these mistakes, you should be just fine.

What’s Google’s main goal?

There’s one thing you always need to keep in mind. The goal of Google (and any other search engine) is to deliver the most relevant search results possible. Whenever someone enters any query into the search engine, Google’s top objective is to deliver the results that person is looking for.

All optimization to your website should be done with that simple fact in mind. When done properly, SEO actually helps Google better classify your website, allowing them to rank your website under truly appropriate search queries. SEO is not about manipulating the search engines, and it’s not about cheating to climb your way to the top.

What are the things that will get your website penalized or even banned?

Now that you better understand what Google strives to do, you can bet that any efforts on your part that hamper their efforts will get you penalized or ban. Specific infractions include:

1.     Buying or selling links – To explain it as simply as possible, Google views links to your website as “votes.” The more links you have (preferably with keywords in the anchor text), the better your site will rank. That’s why buying or selling links is considered gaming the system. It’s unnatural, and it’s a way people try to manipulate the search results. Check out what Google’s own Matt Cutts has to say about buying and selling links.

2.     Being linked up with spammers – My grandma used to always say “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” Google kind of has that same approach. If a lot of your links are pointing to and coming from spammers, guess what Google is going to think? They’re going to suspect that you too are a spammer. So, get better friends…I mean, links.

3.     Too much too fast – There is such a thing as getting too many links too fast. Aggressively seeking links can cause your link profile to look unnatural, and it can make you stick out like a sore thumb, causing Google to take a closer look. Remember, it’s all about being natural. So, why not try to find natural ways to get a high volume of links? Writing compelling content or creating a useful tool are some natural ways to get a high volume of links.

4.     Blatantly stuffing keywords – Using keywords in your titles and throughout the content can help the search engines better classify your content. But stuffing them too much in your content, to the point that it sounds unnatural might get your website penalized and flagged as spam or manipulative. Go back and read your website content. Does it sound natural?

What are some other ways you know to get banned or penalized by Google? In a future post, I’m going to tell you what you can do if you get busted by the search engine giant.

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When I started working with seoperks.com I began realizing how tempting and easy it is to fall prey to these mistakes. Sometimes I think it is just better to go with an SEO firm than trying to go it on your own, especially when there is so many other things that you need to be focusing on for your business. Great insight!


I’m not sure I entirely agree with this article.

Point 1 and 4 I’ll agree with.

By saying in points 2 and 3 that your website will be penalized for this (although I’m not saying it shouldn’t) seems far fetched. Since, by going by this principal, you’re saying if I get a whole lot of spammers to link to my #1 competitor, that my competitor’s website would be penalized?!

I would hope (and am almost sure) Google is better than that…


To Carey Smith: (previous poster)

I agree 100%. If what you questioned were true, then you would see many, many outsourcing job proposals like: “Need 10,000 links to point to: company XYZZ.”

“Come to think of it, I have seen some proposals written in this manner. I thought some bloke was just trying to build links.


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