A Little Kindness Can Go a Really Long Way

Internet users have become accustomed to rudeness on the web. Everywhere you go someone has something snarky, callous, or just generally mean to say. The most innocent post about lovely sunflowers could be met with angry vitriol completely out of nowhere. It can hit like a ton of bricks and leave you breathless. 

practice kindness in wood typeHowever, you don’t have to perpetuate this by being nasty and rude yourself. Even if the other person is being a huge meanie-butt you can counter it with some unexpected kindness. Often this can do wonders not only for you and the person you’re talking to but everyone else on the page.

Here are some pointers to really make an act of kindness stand out.

Someone Else’s Shoes 

I listen to a lot of podcasts while I’m driving or doing other menial tasks, and one of my favorites is the Nerdist series with media mogul Chris Hardwicke. Not just because of the great interviews with celebrities, but because of Chris’ outlook on how to interact with the general public. One thing he said really struck me.

Chris gets a lot of abuse about his projects, even when the material is totally free and people can just ignore it. Despite all the positive remarks, he says the negative ones really stand out in his mind. At least they did until he realized something: what that other person is going through.

He says for someone to be that angry about something ultimately trivial as a podcast episode likely means they’re going through some pretty awful stuff. Many who have been truly mean have later apologized for their actions. Chris says you never know what someone else is going through.

With that in mind, try to imagine what the super mad troll on your Facebook page is so mad about in their personal life before lashing out. A little kindness to them may just be a bright point in an otherwise awful period in their lives.

Extra Miles 

Another thing that Internet users have gotten used to is companies doing what they have to do to get by. Of course it happens in the “real” world a lot too, but Internet companies can sometimes be extra lazy as they have that extra layer of anonymity.

So it’s extra special when customers and fans encounter a company that goes that extra step to make them feel special. It ensures loyalty from fans and can also lead to further business as they won’t hesitate to recommend you.

So, for example, if someone asks on Facebook or Twitter about a problem they’re having, check up on it to see if it’s a recurring issue. Or, check their history to see if they’ve had problems in the past and, if so, offer them a future discount for sticking with the company. Even a repost of something they care about (their own business, maybe, or a charity) can make their day.

Little things like that might not seem like a big deal at the time but you could truly make someone’s day. In turn, they’ll stick by you through thick and thin.

Have you shown your customers a small kindness lately? Tell us about it!


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