Keeping Your Blog Fresh

Have you ever read a blog and gotten déjà vu? If you’re a regular reader of a particular site it’s bound to happen at some point. Eventually the author will retread some old ground of simply rehash something they have done before. It happens to the best of us – sometimes you seriously just have no clue what to write about. 

corn nachosOnce in a while is ok, but once it starts happening over and over you have a real problem. Your blog can become so stale that nobody wants to read it anymore, even when the occasional fresh material comes through. People can tell when you’re not inspired at all and are just pushing out words to get them out there. Or worse, because they perceive you’ve grown complacent and are merely trying to rake in ad money.

How do you keep your blog fresh and exciting to old and new readers? Here are a few tips.

Keep Up on News 

One reason your blog feels outdated is because all the content inside of it is! This seems to happen to bloggers who have been around for some time – you start to feel like you already know everything so you push aside brand new information that contradicts your current world view.

But try to keep up with news; not just in your industry but anything remotely related. Also, try to stay abreast of happenings in your neck of the woods, as they could influence what you talk about as well. I can’t count how many times I’ve been impressed by a post where a blogger tied something that happened to him or her around town to an industry insight. Personal anecdotes make for powerful posts.

Approach from the Other Side 

If you’ve beaten a subject to death, like small business taxes or the effectiveness of particular birdseeds, then you may think there is no chance of a fresh take. However, that’s hardly ever true. There’s usually at least one more angle you haven’t approached the subject from.

Have you tried coming at it from the complete opposite direction? For example, the birdseed subject may fill 40 blogs on your site, and you’ve come at it with every angle at your disposal. But try to come out of your comfort zone and think of a way you would never approach it usually.

For instance, although you particularly enjoy one birdseed type, what are its flaws? Nothing is perfect and there will always be people who don’t like something. Try to find those reasons and tackle them head on. Your readers will appreciate your impartiality.

Lighten It Up 

Tone also carries a lot of weight when talking about freshness. If you’re consistently writing heavy, dense material, readers who appreciate in-depth reads will likely eat it up – but at some point it’s going to weigh on them, especially if you’re prolific.

Try to vary the tone up a little by picking some lighter topics. Instead of harping about tax credits, switch it up to some funny tax stories you’ve seen around the web. Doing one of these occasionally won’t kill your blog and can make everyone appreciate the heavier stuff when it comes back.

Or if you don’t want to switch topics, try to write the topic you had in mind in a lighter style. Those tax credits might not be so scary or confusing to new readers if they’re presented in a lighter, fresher tone like a Top 5 list. Again, it doesn’t have to be permanent; just enough to break the cycle and get you back on track.

How do you find blog topics when you’re stumped for fresh content?

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