Is Your About Us Page a Waste of Space?

Here’s something you probably haven’t realized. The “About Us” page is among the top three pages a potential customer is most likely to visit when first arriving to your website. But if you’re like most companies, you’ve probably filled it with a brief bio and maybe a mission statement – something most people probably don’t even get halfway through. Why? Because it’s stale and unoriginal.

Fixing Your About Us Page

Sure you need the obligatory company info on your “About Us” page, but it shouldn’t stop there. Here are a few pointers that will keep you from wasting this valuable space:

  • Employee bios – The goal is to make a personal connection in this area of your site. People like to do business with people they feel like they know. So consider having your employees write brief bios, including a bit of personal information. You might even add headshots of each. Let your clients get to know (and like!) the people behind the brand.
  • Interesting facts – Want your client to really get to know your company? Well, you’re going to have to dig deeper than the standard “Starting in 1994, blah-blah-blah.” Come up with a list of interesting, not-so-well-known facts about your company and include them in your bio. That means, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!
  • Get social – Think your blog is the only place to include social media links? Think again! Make sure you stick them on your “About Us” page. Also link to your blog. You might even consider sticking a video on the page so your customers can see and hear you. Again – a more personal approach.
  • Get human – The bottom line is that your customers need to see a human side to your company. No one wants to deal with a faceless corporation. They want to connect and feel like there are real people on the other end who care about who they are and what they do.

Is your “About Us” page stiff and simply boring? It’s time to give it a makeover!

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The About Us page is a great place for social links. Many businesses make the mistake of including them prominently on the homepage. However, the goal of social media is to get website visitors, not the other way around. A business website should still be the hub of all online marketing efforts.


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