Is the News Even Relevant to Your Company?

Sometimes you can pour your heart into something that may not even matter in the long run. Other people tell you the object of your obsession is important, but one day looking back you realize it just wasn’t that big of a deal in the first place.

For businesses, especially new ones, that “object” can be coverage in the media. It’s definitely a sexy notion – getting noticed by a local newspaper, seeing that story go wide, gaining tons of fans from the exposure – but it’s rarely reality. Focusing too much energy on such a rare occurrence could prevent you from moving forward in other areas.

I would also argue that the news just isn’t relevant to some businesses out there anyway. Sure, it might be nice to get noticed, but is it really going to help you sell more, or will another means of promotion be more effective?

Choosing the Right Path

Just like every other aspect of your business, choosing the right path is key. No two businesses are the same and neither are their paths to success. Just because one company makes it work for them doesn’t mean business #2 can.

You could even have almost identical businesses and not have the same results with a promotion. To think otherwise is pretty silly and not playing to your strengths. After all, YOU know your business more than anyone else.

The real question becomes: what would you gain out of spending time getting coverage from news outlets? Do you have a business that would legitimately gain new fans and customers from the coverage… or is it a waste of resources? Do you have someone who can write press releases and knows how to work the system? Or would that effort be better spent on a social media campaign or a Google ad?


There’s a certain mythology that persists in business that getting coverage in the media will immediately change your life. It’s like the myth about comedians going on The Tonight Show – sure, it happened for people like Drew Carey, but others went on the show hundreds of times and never got anywhere.

I’m not trying to knock the media, of course, as it can be a very powerful tool for any business owner who lucks out. But think of it like this – just because you see a company CEO quoted in the paper, or read a press release about their latest product release, does that make you want to run out and buy their stuff?

More importantly, does it give you any idea what they’re like as a company or as individual people? For small businesses this step is crucial. The follow-up on the website and social media and other campaigns will lock people in. As a result, this  – rather than what the Daily Bugle has to say about your company – may be what deserves more of your focus.

How successful have you been with getting coverage by the media?

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