Is the Media Really Small Business Friendly?

Back just a few years ago you could easily find online articles covering how your small business could obtain prime coverage in local media. It’s been interesting to watch over the years as the conversation has shifted more to how small businesses are the only thing that can save America. Gives you a bit of an inflated ego, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing – if small businesses are literally saving the free world, then you figure it would be easier to get on the news. If the previously mentioned hyperbole was true, and the media cared, wouldn’t they have a nightly “go shop here” segment on every news channel?

The fact remains that posts pop up all the time telling you how to get news media coverage for your small business. So is the media really more small business friendly than ever… or is it just (big) business as usual?

Still a Business

Even the most small business friendly editor in the world knows that when it comes down to it, a newspaper is a business itself. Sure, you can talk about integrity and their commitment to the community. But if a newspaper doesn’t make money, it doesn’t stay in business. Same with a television station and any other for-profit media outlet that wants to keep its doors open.

Think of it this way: would you go out of your way to promote your local TV news crew for absolutely free? Possibly – but would you do it the detriment of the rest of your business? As in promote their stuff all day without any thought to what your customers want?

The more time your local newspaper spends on small businesses, the less time they have to spend on things the rest of their customers want to hear about. This translates into less money for the newspaper. And with traditional media having trouble, that could mean the difference between survival and disappearance for a small to medium sized news establishment.

Not that I’m entirely defending the newspapers and TV stations of the world – if they wanted to, they could spend at least a little more time covering local business matters. I’m just saying in the end they have obligations, just like you and me.

Make It Interesting

This is precisely why you have to make your pitch to them as interesting as possible. If you can make your company’s message as widespread and as interesting to the masses as large as possible, you have a better chance of getting yourself out there.

If it’s all about business, then your local paper wants to run stuff their readers care about, which in turn gets them more money. Making your business part of that conversation and interaction is vital.

Work on your pitch and press release until it’s basically impossible for anyone to turn it down. Make it so interesting even YOU would read it in the paper even though you know exactly what it’s about. Approaching the pitch from a business perspective could give you the chance you need.

Do you think the news media should devote more coverage to small business matters? If you were a media outlet, how would you go about this?

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