10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Recently, I talked about what I believe are the 10 essential ingredients for a successful blog. One ingredient I mentioned in that post is traffic. Without traffic, you’re blogging to nobody. Your blog is just floating out there not doing anything of importance.

Blog in typescript lettersThankfully, driving traffic to your blog isn’t really that difficult. If you incorporate these 10 tips, you’ll soon have more readers stopping by your blog on a regular basis.

    1. Quality comes first – Before you start worrying about how many people are reading your blog, you first need to make sure you’re putting out quality content that truly deserves to be read. If your content sucks, it doesn’t matter what you do, the traffic just won’t stick. Write like you talk so that your blog will have a unique voice. Also, focus on covering topics that others in your niche are overlooking, and provide a new point of view on popular topics that have been discussed to exhaustion.

    2. Take advantage of guest posting opportunities – Guest posting on other blogs is beneficial for a few reasons.

        a. It allows you to reach a new audience

        b. It helps to build links back to your blog

        c. It acts as an endorsement from the other blogger

    Whenever you guest post on other blogs, remember that first impressions are everything. Submit the very best content you can come up with, and make sure your blog is dressed to impress when people follow the link back to your website.

    3. Optimize your content for the search engines – The search engines love blogs because they provide them with fresh, relevant content. Maximize your search engine presence by optimizing your posts for relevant keywords. Use a keyword suggestion tool to find good keywords to target, and then place those phrases in your title, url, and body of your post.

    4. Link out to other blogs – Linking out to other blogs in your niche is a great way to start building connections with other bloggers. See, whenever you link to another blog, the blogger is alerted, and more times than not, they’ll check out your blog. If you’re lucky, they could return the favor with a link in the future or a spot on their blogroll. Linking out to quality content can also enhance the user experience for your readers.

    5. Push your content on social bookmarking sites – Social bookmarking websites, like Digg and ReddIt to name a couple, can be very effective for driving high volumes of traffic to your blog and building tons of backlinks. The key is to understand the community on these sites and to only push content that appeals to them. You should also build connections with other users (preferably power users) in these communities who can help push your content to maximize its exposure.

    6. Write catchy headlines – Whenever your blog is submitted to a social bookmarking site or linked to on Twitter, the main thing that determines whether someone will take the time to visit your post is the headline. Your headline needs to be catchy and click-worthy. Don’t be afraid to use proven headline formulas like Top 10 Lists or How-Tos.

    7. Get active in your niche’s community – Blogging is all about building a community. With that being said, you can’t just write your posts and disappear. You need to become an active member in your community. This means connecting with your audience on Twitter, participating in various industry forums, and being active on niche social media sites. Doing this builds name recognition, and it will serve to drive traffic to your blog.

    8. Study your analytics – Using an analytics tool, like Google Analytics, can help you see where your traffic is coming from, which keywords are attracting search engine traffic, how visitors are behaving on your blog, and much more. In short, you’ll be able to discover what works and what doesn’t.

    9. Be careful of over-promoting – One thing many bloggers don’t realize is that not every post deserves to be a linkbait success. Not every post you publish should hit the front page of Digg or ReddIt either. Trying to push every post with all your might is a surefire way to lose the support of those who help promote your blog.

    10. Use commenting properly – Comments are a crucial part of blogging. In addition to responding to comments on your own blog, you should also be commenting on other blogs in your niche. Be sure to leave your name and your blog’s url in your comments to help drive traffic back to your site. However, don’t just post a bunch of meaningless comments with the hopes of getting more traffic. Always leave thoughtful comments that add to the conversation and that give others a reason to learn more about you.

What have you done to drive traffic to your blog? Share your best tips by leaving a comment.

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