Hiring a PR Firm Doesn’t Free You from PR Duties

One of the greatest misconceptions business owners have about hiring a PR firm is that it means they’ll no longer have to spend time on PR. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Make no mistake – hiring a PR firm does NOT free you from PR duties. In fact, it’s quite possible that you could be spending more time than ever on PR related activities.

Latex Glove For Cleaning on hand.I know what you’re thinking – “Why would I have to spend more time on PR if I’m paying an agency to handle my PR work?”

It’s simple, really. If a PR agency is doing its job properly, you’ll be spending more time talking to the media and otherwise speaking on behalf of your company. It might be an interview on your local TV news, an email exchange with a blogger covering your company, or interaction on social media. The point is you should expect to spend a decent percentage of your time representing your company to the public.

You’ll also be spending time working with your PR agency to develop your overall goals and your strategy for achieving these goals. And you’ll need to take part in weekly phone calls and frequent email updates on your PR campaigns so you can see how things are going, provide feedback/direction, and enable your PR team to better do their job.

What will the PR agency be doing for you? Your PR firm will be responsible for finding and analyzing new PR opportunities that are relevant to your overall goals. They’ll be finding ways to get your message out to your target audience.

So if you’re planning on hiring a PR agency because you think it’s going to let you spend less time on PR, you need to seriously adjust your expectations and reassess your priorities. Hiring a PR firm won’t free you from PR duties. It will only open the door to more PR opportunities.

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