Grabbing Those Elusive Customers

No matter how hard you try, they sit right over the next hill, ignoring you. You can see them, but they’re turned away and just don’t seem to notice you’re there. This is despite the huge crowd you have surrounding you, begging for your time. Those folks on the other hill aren’t swayed by numbers, though, and you feel as if they’re going further and further away.

Who are these mysterious people so nonchalant? Those elusive customers you’ve been chasing to come shop at your store, of course!

I’m not talking about that first set of customers that nets you your first sales. “Elusive” customers are the ones in that niche you’ve been chasing for months or years. They never seem to quite come around to your way of thinking, even if you manage to snag one or two of their group.

Why Won’t They Notice Me?

After you try to market to these folks for weeks and months and years, it may start to feel a little personal. If you’re marketing towards the middle-aged tennis player niche, it may feel like there’s a King or Queen Middle-Aged Tennis Player out there telling all the others to just ignore you.

But this thinking may ultimately be what’s bringing you down. You can’t see it as a personal vendetta or even that they don’t like your product. For most of the members of this niche, they just don’t see it as something they would ever buy.

For instance, say your store sells Star Wars memorabilia. Now, this isn’t something normally associated with middle aged people who enjoy tennis. As a result, they may not even think about buying something from you because they don’t know why they should.

I compare it to my mother back when the first Lord of the Rings movie came out. “Why would someone like me watch that?” she asked. It made me stop and think. Why WOULD someone like her watch it when it’s not aimed at her? But if you really think there’s gold in that particular niche, you must find an answer to that question.

Go To Where They Are

How do you figure out what would get these tennis enthusiasts to swoon over your Luke coffee mugs and Chewy figurines? Only they can tell you. And to get the real lowdown, you must go where they congregate.

You can only really know somebody by listening to them. Luckily, they’re pouring their hearts out every day somewhere on the Internet. You just have to find where!

Even a niche like the middle aged tennis players of the world have websites and chat forums they frequent. They may be a little difficult to find, but they’re there. If you’re having trouble, you could always broaden your search and poke around tennis websites; perhaps there is a “40+” section on the forum.

In any case, once you find your future customers, get to know what they like and what makes them tick. Once you do, you’re bound to find a way to market your Star Wars swag to them in a way they won’t be able to resist.

What niches have you gone after you can’t seem to crack?

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