How to Get More Positive Online Reviews

Today’s customer is more vocal than ever before. Thanks to the internet, customers and companies are now on a level playing field as customers can hop online and share their opinions about companies through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, review sites, and more. For companies, this means you have to be on your best behavior at all times so you don’t get taken down by a bunch of negative reviews.

But avoiding negative reviews isn’t the only challenge your company faces. You also have to find a way to get positive reviews. Remember, unhappy customers are far more likely to tell others about their experience than happy customers. So, this means you have to find a way to motivate your happy customers to tell the world about their great experience with your company.

How can you do this?

  • Be exceptional – Being satisfactory isn’t enough. That’s what customers expect. If you want to get more positive reviews, you have to be worth talking about. That means being so much better than other companies that the customer can’t help but review you glowingly online. This means going above and beyond to ensure everything is absolutely perfect for the customer. From ensuring your product is remarkable to providing a personal, friendly experience, you have to do everything as well as possible to make your customers notice your greatness.
  • Make it easy for customers to review you – You never want to be pushy, but you do want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to write a review. At the completion of their order (maybe a few days after once they’ve had a chance to get and use your product), you can send a follow up email ensuring their satisfaction and with a link to your reviews page. Let them know that you value their opinion and that you welcome all feedback so you can improve your service.
  • Show that you take all reviews seriouslyA lot of customers don’t provide feedback because they assume it just gets ignored. So why even waste the time writing the review? That’s why you need to show everyone that you take your reviews seriously. From responding thoughtfully to negative reviews to taking the time to implement suggestions and address concerns, there are many ways you can show your customers that you value their opinion. As a result, people will be likelier to review your company.
  • Never bribe people for reviewsReviews should always be authentic. You can’t offer your customers an incentive for giving you a positive review. No coupons. No free products. Nothing. If you bribe your customers for positive reviews, you’ll be in violation of the guidelines of most review websites, and you’ll just be a shady company that no one can trust. By all means, encourage your customers to review you, but don’t give them any reward for doing so.
  • Don’t argue with negative reviewersNo matter how hard you try, you’ll probably end up dealing with a negative review on occasion. Don’t panic, and don’t get upset. You never want to argue with the reviewer. It makes you look defensive and unprofessional. Instead, apologize for their bad experience, and find out if there’s anything you can do to rectify the situation. This could lead to their frustrations being resolved, and it could make the bad review even go away.

What do you do to get more positive customer reviews online?

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