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When LinkedIn started it was simply a brilliant place for business people to network. But LinkedIn didn’t stop there, and these days the site features everything from a robust business Questions and Answers section to a TripIt feature to let your colleagues know when and where you go out of town.

With all that business-oriented functionality, it stands to reason that LinkedIn is a great place to promote your business event. Here’s how companies are doing it:

1.)   Use LinkedIn Events – The folks at LinkedIn are no dummies. They saw people promoting events and thus introduced the LinkedIn Events add on. (Find it under “More” the “Applications” on the LinkedIn horizontal menu bar upon login.) Much like public Events on sites like Facebook, whenever anyone in your network accepts an invitation to an event you’ve created, people in their network will see it. Without any more work, you have access to your colleagues’ colleagues.

2.)   Introduce Attendees Beforehand – Have you ever planned an event and thought to yourself, “Aha! I’m glad Bob and Ellen are both attending because they really need to meet one another”? With LinkedIn, you don’t have to wait for the event to make an introduction. Forward their contact details to one another and break the ice beforehand.

3.)    Promote the New Follow Feature – In April 2010, LinkedIn introduced a “Company Follow” feature that allows interested parties to keep track of promotions, changes and announcements at their favorite companies. When marketing, encourage your audience to “follow” you on LinkedIn, then be sure to hype all of your events socially through their announcement tool.

4.)   Purchase Advertising – LinkedIn allows you to advertise your event in several ways, including cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM) and text ads. From there, LinkedIn will suggest your event to users based on their industry, job title or keywords found in their profiles. LinkedIn advertising is a great way to draw attention to a targeted business audience outside your network. And be sure to keep these stats from Convince & Convert in mind when advertising on LinkedIn. Linked in is the “mature” social network. Sixty-eight percent of LinkedIn users are age 35+, 66% make over $60k/year and 72% are college grads. Do those sound like the types of people you want at your business event?

When you think business events, don’t just think or, for pete’s sake, Evite. Let your network do the talking with LinkedIn.

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