For PR Inspiration, Look to the Girl Scouts

*Knock knock* Who could it be? Oh, wait, it’s spring time…must be Girl Scouts selling their wares! I really shouldn’t … ok, I’ll take a box. Two? Ok, fine … make it four … teen.

How do they do it? Every year these little squirts come over to the house and every year we try to resist giving them money for clearly overpriced boxes of (admittedly delicious) cookies. They even sell the same kind of treats in stores now, but there’s something about getting those green boxes a few weeks after you order them.

Quite a bit can be learned from looking at the Girl Scouts and how they operate. In fact, it would behoove you to use some of their own tactics to your advantage.


When you open the door and see a little Brownie standing there, her eyes wide with anticipation as she holds the crumpled order form, what are you expecting? Are you annoyed that the little moppet is there? Are you worried about getting hustled?

Of course not, you know who the Girl Scouts are and, more importantly, you know their cookies. You at least have a basic idea of what’s going to happen when you see who’s at the door – plus, you know what to expect when you order something.

The Girl Scouts’ reputation preceded the little Brownie ringing your doorbell, so half the work was done for her. All she had to do was not botch the rest of the transaction and she had a sale.


Don’t get me wrong, the Girl Scouts do a great job promoting girls’ individuality. But when it comes to selling cookies, all that goes out the window.

This point ties into the reputation idea above. Immediately when you see the Girl Scout walking down your driveway you know what’s going to happen. The reason is they all have their uniforms on – they vary depending on how old they are, and they may change once in a while, but they generally look the same.

Plus, they’re supposed to wear it when they go selling so they “represent the organization.” That may be true, but it’s also part of the selling tactic to raise money for the Girl Scouts. And it works.


The Boy Scouts have been hit recently with the loss of several sponsors due to their policies on whom they let into the organization. The Girl Scouts, however, have not, and that’s because they are very inclusive – everyone is welcome to participate on some level.

Be like the Girl Scouts – let everyone into your club who wants to join! In other words, don’t make it too hard for anyone to get “into” your product by excluding them with bad language or rudeness online.

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie (sorry, I had to)?

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