Should You Focus on Likes or Shares on Facebook?

There’s no reason for you to be on Facebook if you’re being ignored. So you decide to start venturing out and trying some new things, including some brand new material. But something occurs to you – should you try to get people to share this material, or concentrate more on gathering a ton of likes? 

facebook_dislikeWhile it seems like you should maybe go for both, there are in fact two ways of approaching a strategy like this. The kind of stuff you put out for Likes may not be the same kind of stuff you want to get shared all over the site. Content that would get shared may not the kind of stuff to necessarily get a ton of likes.

Both have their merits, so let’s take a look at both.


For years likes were the big thing to get for companies. The more likes you had the more successful you were, period. You could literally walk into meetings and point the amount of likes you had on stuff you had posted and walk it directly into the bank. It was the measure of every strategy.

Recently, though, this began to change. I’d say within just a few years ago companies realized the power of the share. Now many concentrate almost solely on that. However, the lowly like hasn’t entirely lost its power, and there are still many uses for it.

For one, it’s still a viable way to see how successful a post is. If you get a ton of likes it’s still a great way to see if people are enjoying what you’re posting. To this end, Facebook likes might be better for judging the popularity of your content rather than spreading the word of your business.


As mentioned, shares have gained in popularity recently. While you can’t actually ask for either one anymore (well, unless you want to get hit with an audience shrinking limit), telling people to tell their friends or some other rewording should bring about the same result.

In any case, shares are great for really spreading your reach, especially now that Facebook has set pretty severe limits on how many of your customers and fans actually see your posts. While what people “like” does show up in the live feed, it’s still more likely going to be seen if it’s in the main news and update thread.

Also, shares are more likely to beget more shares. When a fan shares your infographic on their own wall, their friends and family could share it on theirs. This cycle could continue on for quite some time.


Naturally you’d like as much interaction as you can get. However, concentrating on one field could yield better results. For instance if you know your post is useful to a set of fans shares would bring success. On the other hand, if you’re unsure about the content or it’s just general posting, hoping or hinting at likes might be the better way to go. It’s all about what your needs are.

Do you typically see more likes on one type of content and more shares on another type of content? Let us know in the comments! 

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