Five Quick Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

A well made blog (like, say, yours truly) is a great way to get your voice out to the world and increase traffic to your business. But if no one is reading it, it’s just so much screaming into the ether. How do you direct the traffic so they’ll make a stop at your site? Here are five suggestions for getting your hit counter to skyrocket.

1. Give Visits to Get Visits

Network! Get out there and see what other fine blogs you’re up against. Though they’re naturally not as good as yours, you can start commenting on their posts and potentially drive traffic your way. Just make sure you have a working link to your own site where potential readers can find it (don’t post it in your reply unless absolutely necessary, it’s kind of obnoxious). Also be sure your response is intelligent and well-spoken! Nobody will follow you if you don’t sound professional.

You might also be able to do a friendly trade with other blogs, sharing links on each others’ sites. It never hurts to ask.

2. Sound Smart but Don’t Bore

Who was your favorite teacher or professor? Was it the one who knew the Civil War backwards and forwards but sounded like Ben Stein, or the one who knew the learning process often takes a little charisma? Your blog posts should reflect this idea as well.  In the end, any writing comes down to the actual content. You might rope people in by other means, but you want people to stick around, too. A good mix of smarts and a conversational tone will keep your readers coming back for more.

3. Make Your Readers Assume Your Blog Has Always Existed

A well established site automatically comes with a certain level of weight to it. If your blog is the new kid on the block, don’t let anyone know! Take down any hit counters (they’re tacky anyway). Hide comment counts, as that gloomy “0 comments” text can drive people away. Remove any unnecessary posts about how you’re just starting out and have hopes for the future. Also, if you haven’t launched yet, amass a solid post count before doing so. This will prevent your blog from fizzling out before it even gets going.

4. Use Pretty Pictures

Images can not only help break up the wall of text you just threw together, they can also do their part in bringing in traffic. With search engines like Google utilizing image searches, potential readers may stumble across your site due to your shiny but relevant picture of a field of corn. “Wow,” they’ll think, “this picture of corn is great, but this smart and fun blog is way cooler. Plus, it’s been around forever.”

5. Submit to Blog Directories

Why haven’t you done this yet? Submit your blog to directories, especially industry-specific directories if they exist. Not only do directory listings let interested parties find you, they help with your SEO, meaning that people who are just searching for your topic on Google or another search engine will have a better chance of finding you, too!

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