Finding Your Fans on Reddit

Despite its anti-corporate, anti-ad attitude, Reddit finds itself raided by businesses all the time. At any time you can hop on and find accounts that are pretty obviously business owned. They’ve never posted on the site before and suddenly adding funny images or pro-corporate AMAs. You may have even tried to do this before. 

social_media_newspaperBut here’s the thing – if you’re honest, and represent your brand honestly, you don’t have to do this kind of corporate espionage. It’s not a magic trick to get people to like you. In fact, celebrities go on there all the time representing themselves and their stock goes up. Verne Troyer is an example – the actor hasn’t exactly been blowing up the charts lately, but his fun, often self-deprecating posts makes people pay attention.

The main trouble with this becomes: how do you find people who will appreciate your posts? Here are some ideas.

Particular Subreddits 

If you haven’t been on Reddit before, it’s divided up into “subreddits.” For example, there’s generic ones like r/pics, r/music, and r/technology. But they get ridiculously specific, including stuff like r/birdswitharms and r/explainlikeimfive. Since anyone can start up a subreddit you’ll find all sorts of crazy ones out there.

And people visit them! It doesn’t matter how nutty you think it is, each subreddit has its own fanbase. Birdswitharms has a ton of visitors every day submitting posts and having fun. So let’s say your business makes figurines of birds with arms – suddenly you’ve found an entire community that appreciates your little niche.

Make sure to read the rules, first and foremost. They could and usually do have rules about spamming, being rude, and types of images you can post. But inside these subreddits are people who have the same interests as you – have fun talking to them and the sales will come.

Wider Base 

The general parts of Reddit, like ones dedicated to pictures or goofy Advice Animals and memes, are a little more difficult. It’s kind of like going after the general population rather than a small niche like fans of birds with arms on them. You have to take the broader appeal into account rather than focusing on the figurines themselves.

Sure, you could get away with posting a picture in r/pics of your muscle bird figurines and gain some fans. But the difference is there are people in that subreddit who just won’t get it. They would in r/birdswitharms, sure, but the broader base of a subreddit like r/pics won’t.

This means you have to concentrate on the public at large. What about your product appeals to the rest of the world? Why would people who have never seen a muscly bird figurine before be interested?

On top of that, you should also be discussing other posts around the site. If you see something funny, or informative, or downright interesting, upvote it and comment on it. Don’t fake it, as people will be able to tell. But if you’re sincere and really want to contribute, people will eventually take notice like they did with Verne Troyer. Then the fans will come to you – and you might even be able to make your own special subreddit for your fans to enjoy!

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