Finding a Balance for Your Press Release

When writing press releases it can sometimes be difficult to strike the perfect balance with your language. Sometimes a little more professionalism is the ticket; other times, you want to make it a little more personal and fun. Before you even start writing you want to start off with the right tone, so it’s important to decide early.

But how do you come to his decision in the first place? Which audience will be most receptive to which message? And how does it reflect on your business as a whole?

Know Your Audience

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to know and understand your audience. Whatever it takes to get to know them better, do it. This could be from talking to them online, sending out surveys, or hanging out with them at your local neighborhood watering hole. Whatever the means, it will be worth it when you can really speak the language of your target audience.

One of the areas knowing your audience will come handy is how to talk to them. You may think you know how your customers want to be talked to, but you could have some surprises coming your way when you sit down with them.

Let’s say your company specializes in a product that’s geared towards a very professional crowd – at least on paper. After some research and conversation, you realize your audience is way more “young and hip” than you realized. Turns out young entrepreneurs have really taken to your product and have found brand new ways of using it.

These guys aren’t concerned with sounding professional. They just want to sell and make money in brand new ways. In fact, they may even be anti-professional talk, as they may feel it reflects more on the “old” ways of doing business. Therefore, writing your press release in this manner may not work all that well.

Striking the Balance

However, writing it in a completely relaxed tone won’t work, either. You still have to have a press release everyone can read, including the average person (unless the release is strictly for your audience). Finding the balance between reaching your audience and speaking to the average Joe is essential.

Sometimes it can be as simple as punctuation – where periods would work before, a few carefully thrown in exclamation marks could do the trick. Or you may have to reword some sentences to reflect the vernacular of your audience. It really comes down to knowing how your audience talks, and sometimes it takes a few misses to really hit the mark.

Also, try not to “fake it.” If you don’t know how to sound young and hip, don’t wing it. It usually comes off as ridiculous and will turn off literally anybody who reads it. Instead, write to your strengths, and if need be hire someone to draft it up for you. Otherwise you could be the laughingstock of the business community for your overuse of the word “bro.”

How well do you know your audience?

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