Fighting the Email Marketing Blues

Nothing’s harder than getting motivated when you’ve got the blues. And I don’t just mean run of the mill, average day to day type of blues – I’m talking about the email marketing blues! When an email marketing campaign is the center of your attack and it’s just not working, them’s the pits.

But there are a few cures for the blues, and they don’t involve taking a pill or drinking orange juice. These cures can work for the run of the mill blues and they can also work for your email marketing blues, so pick up your six-string and let’s go to work.

Switch It Up

Once you get the blues, you feel like you’re constantly stuck in a rut. That’s why one of the most important things you can do is to switch things up. When you get stuck in that rut, step your way out of it by finding an alternative way of doing things.

If your email marketing isn’t catching on, one or more things are wrong with it. Don’t just bang your head on the desk until it either works or you get a dent in your forehead. Instead, sit back and think of what you could change.

For instance, all that could be wrong is your subject line. Your recipients take one look at that email, laugh, and delete it. Reword it, check your spelling (you possibly missed an editing error), and try again. Get some fresh eyes on your subject line, too. Something like “Red Hot Toy Sale!” may seem perfectly innocuous to you as you try to sell children’s toys at holiday time, but might set off a red flag in your subscribers’ minds – one totally unrelated to children and the holidays.

It could also be your email list – you’re emailing the wrong people! Though it’s illegal to email people who haven’t opted in to your list, that doesn’t mean you can’t more effectively build that list and manage the subscribers you already have.  Segment your list by demographic and test different sale and promotions. Or split test two emails – send one email to half of your list and another slightly different email to the other half, and test which one gets the most opens and click throughs.

Find a Jamming Partner

Another cure for the blues is to find someone to share it with. Misery loves company, and little is more miserable than never getting any emails back, not even an angry “STOP SENDING ME EMAILS.” So share that misery with someone who cares.

More importantly, share it with someone who might be able to help you bounce ideas around! Plenty of marketing/PR pros have been in the same boat as you. So why take advantage of that collective database of knowledge to pull yourself out of the email gutter?

Also, call up a few really creative friends or colleagues to come to your aid. They may be able to think of a truly radical idea that totally rejuvenates your tired campaign, one that you never would’ve dreamt up in a million years. This fresh approach could even lead to bigger things down the road for your entire business.

How have you maneuvered yourself out of an email marketing rut?

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If your emails aren’t catching on, you need to spend some time analyzing what the problem is. Get an outside opinion and then make some changes and test them one by one.


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