A Facebook Only Campaign Just Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

 For quite some time now businesses have been able to get away with just having a Facebook presence. They throw some stuff together, add a few posts, upload a profile picture, and resolve to talk to their fans once in a while. Even those this approach is haphazard, they usually manage  to claim a few followers and fans and be somewhat successful. 

Thumb Up SignHowever, those times are changing. It’s tough to get away with just one aspect of a social media campaign, and that’s becoming especially true for Facebook-only campaigns. Why? There are actually several reasons, some a little more surprising than others.

Fans are All Over the Place 

Your fans are not just on Facebook. Sorry, but it’s the truth. There’s also very little chance Facebook is the only social media platform they use. More than likely they also have a Twitter, LinkedIn, or even a MySpace account for some reason. It’s also incredibly likely they use these services at the same time.

They saying is you have to go where your audience is – and it’s true. If you’re stuck on Facebook, then you’re not doing that. You’re waiting for them to come to you. Expand out to new reaches of the web and even off the computer (gasp!) to see what works for you and your company. There’s a strong chance a viable customer base is waiting just around the corner if you give something new a shot 

Facebook is For Old Fogies 

Ok, that’s overstating it a bit. But the fact does remain that young people are just not using Facebook as much as they used to. In fact, teens are leaving Facebook in droves, headed to greener pastures, mainly apps on their smartphones.

Seriously, check out that Mashable article – “Facebook was just this thing all our parents seemed to have.” When was the last time any teen desperately wanted to be part of anything their parents loved? Sure, many teens do sign up, but it’s nowhere near the level of crazy it’s been for a long time.

So it all comes down if you’re willing to change with the times or not. Facebook is rapidly becoming an “old person” thing which means you risk alienating a younger audience if you stick to that site. Plus, despite Facebook’s best efforts to integrate themselves into all corners of the web, there’s also the real chance that years down the line the audience drops even more.

It May Not Fit Your Brand

Not every company can succeed to their top level just on Facebook. In fact, many businesses actually aren’t a great fit for a Facebook campaign as it’s just not the right area for them. They can have a presence, as anyone can – but that doesn’t mean it’s a great fit.

For example, if you’re a B2B company, you may interact more with other businesses than with the average Facebook user. As a result, your profile may go unchecked and unremarked upon. It would be a better idea to move to a platform that’s better suited for your needs, like Twitter.

Another example would be a more visual company, like an art gallery. You may discover your fans only want to talk about artwork posts, which may go over better on a more visual platform like Pinterest or Instagram.

How long has your company had a Facebook presence? Do you find another platform works better for your business than Facebook?

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