Don’t Stop Believin’ – and Don’t Let Your Customers Either

One of the toughest situations you’ll encounter as a PR pro is trying to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of financial disaster. Trying to pretend everything’s just fine when you see evidence of your business experiencing major trouble is tough.


However, it’s a very necessary skill to acquire, as there are several reasons why your customers should never know about your struggles. So no matter how tough things get, you have to be like Journey and “Don’t Stop Believin’!”


When your customers buy from you, they’re not just purchasing an item. What they’re really doing is letting you know they trust you – they have confidence in your store and what you’re selling. This is especially true if what you sell is a specialty item – they wouldn’t buy it if they thought you were going to disappear in a few months!

To honor this trust, you must return the favor. This is done by not betraying them when the tides turn a bit. I’ve seen some companies start posting quite negative things on their social media outlets when their store hit a rough patch. This doesn’t honor that trust relationship, it just makes the customer nervous.


If you let yourself start to feel the effects of the downturn your business has come under, then you may start to believe things are really that bad. When you start to believe there’s no hope and no future, then you won’t put in the necessary work to fix things. It becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy!

Instead of dwelling on the bad and crying over “woe is me,” refocus all that energy on fixing your problem! This way you don’t have to keep your chin up as it will already be high in the air from all the sales you’ve been making.

How to Keep Believin’

Staying positive is well and good, but how do you exactly go about doing this when things look so bleak? It’s all about how you present yourself.

For instance, you may not realize you’re desperately grabbing at straws when you start posting random deals and coupons on Facebook. Your customers will probably pick up on it, though. If you’re not normally accustomed to tossing out specials, then it comes off as strange. They’ll know it’s because your store is in trouble.

Instead, come up with a solid plan to win back old customers and acquire new ones. Don’t just toss out deals until something sticks – create a solid battle plan that results in real sales. This can also help you focus your energy on fixing your business rather than wallowing in its demise.

What are some ways you keep believin’ in times of stress?

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