Don’t Put Your PR in Stasis

There are many parts to a public relations campaign and ideally you want all of them working together. The smoother the individual parts flow the better your campaign as a whole will work. Of course the better your campaign works the happier you’ll be as your renown (and your bank account balance) keeps increasing.

gearsWhen parts of your PR campaign aren’t working, it’s not exactly ideal – however, individual sections can be fixed. On the other hand, when parts are actively working against each other, you have a problem that may take some time to amend.

Opposite Ends 

Let’s say your campaign’s focus is to aid in the recovery after a harmful news story leaked to the press. You’ve been working at it for months while keeping out of the public eye. Other than basic damage control you haven’t been doing too much interaction online.

When you unveil the campaign, everything seems to be going smoothly at first. People are cautiously receptive to your “We’re really sorry” message and have responded accordingly. You’ve even gotten media attention to your Facebook page in regards to how well you’ve managed everything.

Unfortunately, you forgot to update your blog. In fact, you haven’t updated it in so long it’s still got many posts from before the controversy, many of which are borderline offensive. Quickly the media focus isn’t on your well-done Facebook page; it’s on the blog and if your company is really “sorry” after all. 

The Message 

Typically, the reason your PR campaign goes into stasis is because of confusion about the “message” you’re sending out to the public. This can make individual parts of the campaign work against each other as they are conflicting when it comes to the message itself.

For example, your company started at a state of crisis because of the controversy surrounding the offending comments. You want to get the company out of this state and convince everyone it was just a fluke and it will never happen again. This is the “message” you want conveyed by everything in your campaign.

Most of your efforts have gone towards this message. However, neglecting to update your blog has completely eradicated everything else you’ve done. It’s put you right back in the state of crisis you were in before.

Even one aspect of your campaign that goes against the message can completely negate your other efforts like this and put your company into stasis. This is why it’s so important to be totally thorough with everything you do. Don’t think for a second that one blog post or section of your website or Reddit post won’t be found – because it will!

The solution? Check everything, and check it twice. Whether you’re in recovery mode, rebranding, or just trying something else new for a change, do it all or don’t do it at all. People will believe you if you say things are different…until you prove otherwise!

What’s the easiest part of a public relations campaign to forget to update?

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