Don’t Miss These 13 Opportunities to Write a Release

You realize that a solid press release could be your ticket to public attention and get you some good links in the process. But if you are like many small business owners, you might be struggling with coming up with a good reason to even create a press release. You don’t want to be one of those guys that spams the internet with releases containing things that aren’t anywhere near newsworthy.

So how do you know when it’s time to write a press release? What sort of events are considered newsworthy enough that someone outside of your company might want to hear about it? Here’s a list of 14 opportunities you should not pass up to get the word out.

  1. You have a new product to offer. When you have a new product, you want to sell it, right? Well, in order for that to happen, people have to hear about it. And what better way than to write a press release and get media and blog coverage? Of course, if the product isn’t groundbreaking, you might just get a little coverage online. But if you are offering someone special or something that is hard to get in your area, you might get more press than you think.
  2. You hired a new employee. To connect with customers, you want them to see the human side of your company. Announcing the hiring of a new employee is a great way to do this. Make sure to highlight relevant experience and explain how the addition will affect the customer.
  3. You moved locations or opened a new office. Moving location is news for a few reasons. First of all, if you are moving to a more convenient location, customers may be interested that they can reach you more easily. Announcing your new office location can also make a small business seem larger than they really are, which could be to your advantage. And remember, local papers love to talk about new businesses in the area.
  4. Your new website is up and running. You want people to visit your new site. For that you need to create a buzz and build inbound links. A press release can do both.
  5. You’re celebrating an important business anniversary. Small businesses open and close left and right. However, a business that has staying power is worth checking out for many potential customers. So let everyone know if you are celebrating an important business anniversary.
  6. You won an award or were recognized for something. There are times when tooting your own horn is annoying. Actually, that’s most of the time. However, since a press release is written in third person, and since a blogger or reporter will end up reporting on it, it’s totally acceptable. So toot away…um, you know what I mean.
  7. One of your employees received recognition. See explanation to number 6. Get recognized!
  8. You sponsored an event or did something good for the community. Again, when you do good things for people, you seem like a real jerk when you brag about it. But a press release is a good way to get someone else to brag for you and build goodwill in the process. Also check: 15 Types of Events Your Business Can Host
  9. You have a special sale. If you’re running a good sale, media members may want to pick it up because they know readers want to know.
  10. You’re putting on a contest. People like things for free and they like to feel like winners. So if you have a contest, send out a release to announce it. However, make sure it’s a legitimate contest. So many silly contests exist and people get really turned off when they get their hopes up for nothing.
  11. You’re rebranding. Whether you have a completely new marketing campaign you are launching, or you just decided to change up the logo, let the public know when you decide to rebrand. It’s the perfect starting point.
  12. You’re appearing somewhere to give a talk. Giving a public speech? Or perhaps a seminar at a local university? Boost attendance by sending out a release to get some free advertisement.
  13. Reputation management. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Maybe you’re being named in a lawsuit. Or perhaps a customer has brought a complaint about our company to the local media. Sometimes a press release is a good way to combat this. Just remember not to appear defensive, as you may as well just admit you’re in the wrong.

Have you written a release for any of the topics above? What did I leave off the list? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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