Don’t Look Down on Small-Time PR Opportunities

So you want to be on The View, huh? Want to see your company on the cover of Fast Company or Entrepreneur magazine? Want to get mentioned on

Good luck!

Look, I’m not saying you can’t do those things. You can. Heck, we’ve helped some of our clients achieve a few of those exact things I just mentioned, but those huge opportunities aren’t just handed out like candy. It honestly takes a heavy dose of luck and persistence to strike that kind of PR gold.

But does that mean you should give up? Does it mean PR success is always going to elude you?

Absolutely not! It just means you may need to readjust your expectations and take a different approach to getting your name out there in the media.

Rather than spending all of your energy and time trying to get on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine, try getting featured in your local newspaper. Instead of hoping you’ll get on, try to get interviewed by an industry blog with a more modest, targeted following.

These “small time” PR opportunities can be very beneficial for your company. They’re easier to get (fewer people vying for coverage and reporters in greater need of story ideas and sources), allow you to reach a more targeted audience, and usually give you more freedom for spreading your message. Not to mention, there’s a great quantity of these small PR opportunities for you to take advantage of–trade journals, industry blogs, local publications, local radio & TV shows, podcasts, newsletters … opportunity abounds!

Sustainable Success

One of the great things about targeting smaller media outlets for PR opportunities is that the success you can have is typically sustainable. Look, you’re not going to strike PR gold and end up on Oprah every couple weeks, but if you diligently target these smaller outlets, you can find yourself getting quality coverage on a regular basis.

The relationships you can build will typically be richer as well. When you’re dealing with reporters and editors at larger media outlets, it can be hard to have quality interactions and face time with them because they’re always so busy. But with the reporter at your community newspaper or trade journal, it’s entirely possible that you might be able to meet up for coffee or just have lengthier phone conversations that make your relationships stronger.

My point is this: Don’t give up on trying to hit a PR grand slam, but also be satisfied with hitting lots of singles consistently.

This article is written by Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases (, the online leader in affordable press release distribution. Download your free copy of the Beginner’s Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases here:

This is so true! I have helped get my mom on plenty of small radio and internet shows, in local papers and more. Because of this she has become an amazing guest! She is extremely comfortable with every question and every style. And she has been offered her own podcast and has been invited to create content for new autism channels, parenting blogs and neurofeedback websites! I also consistently email producers for The Daily Show and The View, but I know well that my mom only has a shot if she’s been vetted by others, has her own following and is a good guest. In other words, if she’s somebody pretty special! I already know she is, her clients know she is, and soon we’ll prove to Ellen DeGeneres’ producers that she is!!

And if we don’t, we’ve had lots of fun–and gained lots of exposure!–trying!!


Love, love this! Those small pr opportunities, in my opinion are gold and are valuable when it comes to updating your press kit to pitch for larger media. It also gives you valuable local media contacts who can open doors for you themselves in greater and more national media.


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