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New budgets, failing corporations, and a strained economy highlight the news in print, radio, and TV. Here’s another trend I’ve noted: business as usual. The Wall Street Journal has been covering companies big and small launching new products, hiring key staff, and just doing what they’ve always done. Trade publications are following the ad campaigns and marketing practices of key players as well as the mom-and-pop players no one knows. Even the evening news has been honing in on small and mid-sized companies, including the self-employed, who are just chugging along.

Never before has the threshhold for newsworthiness been so unbalanced. The common theme is that consumers of news want to see people who are surviving, even prospering, in addition to the diluge of those who are suffering. Ingenuity and sweat equity are being highlighted in the media.

What does this mean for you?

If you don’t have any skin in the game, you’re not going to be plucked out of obscurity. You need to maintain your presence in the media now more than ever, which means issuing press releases, attending key trade shows, and being strategic with ad placements if within your budget.

You should already be sending out press releases for every newsworthy event within your company: new hire, strategic contract, improved product / service, etc. However, you should also be drafting a narrative about your company, your corporate and personal history, as well as your mission statement so that you will have touchstones to incorporate into every press release.

Let the story of your company unfold with each press release announcement. This will improve the chances of media coverage. The press releases will also trickle down to staff, customers, and vendors — an often ignored but vital part of public relations.

Just don’t accept that there’s nothing you can do right now except wait out the storm.

Mickie Kennedy

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