Crown Your Customer King

While we all got into our chosen profession for different reasons, there’s one common thread that unites us: we all need our customers to survive! No matter what we sell or what services we offer we need people to pay attention and give us money in exchange. You can have the most brilliant idea in the world and it doesn’t mean anything if nobody notices or pays you for it.

This is why I find it so baffling when I see other companies or people have clearly put their own ideas first. There’s nothing more depressing than a seller who has clearly bought into their own hype and doesn’t care about giving anything to their customers.

As you navigate through your seller/freelance/business life, try to keep your customers in mind. In fact, you should go ahead and put them at the top of your list of importance; put a little crown next to them, for they are now the rulers of your business kingdom!


Like most kings, sometimes customers make random and unnecessary rulings. Your options as a business owner are to do what the king decrees or stage a revolt. And sometimes a revolt is necessary if the demand is strange or harmful enough!

For the most part, though, your customer kings will make simple demands of you. Some may seem strange or far out there, but in the end they’re worth doing if you want to keep your kings happy.

For example, a customer may contact you about fixing a faulty product they received. Perfectly normal, right? Plus, it’s easy to fix; just apologize for the problem and fix the broken product or send out a new product.

But what if that customer calls and tells you they hate your website? Especially if you’ve just spent a lot of money updating it already? Now you need to make a decision whether to listen to your king or revolt. If you revolt, they may just stop visiting your site altogether. Is it worth it? Or are they right and you’re just denying it?


Customers can tell when a company goes out of their way to make them #1. Even better, they’ll spread the word around to the friends and family online. Eventually, this will reach the ears of the general public.

Take companies like Amazon and Zappos. Zappos is more well-known for their great customer service, going out of their way to make their kings feel like part of the team. But Amazon is no slouch either, and have similar tales of bending over backwards to solve problems and satisfy the angry mobs.

These stories weren’t pushed out by the companies themselves (though Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh includes it in his speeches on customer service); they spread organically throughout the web via word of mouth. The customers were simply excited about something and they shared it. That excitement spread to others looking for reputable companies to become kings over, and both companies continue to grow.

How do you make your customers feel like they’re kings?

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