Creative Blog Posts to Jog Your Brain

Need some inspiration for your blog writing? Instead of pulling out yet another “Top 5 So and So” or rewording a repeat of how awesome your product would be in this or that scenario, try a more creative approach! Not only will the following ideas create a great blog post, they should jog your brain and freshen up your output going forward!

La fuga dei cervelliShow Your Inspiration

What inspires you? Is it a famous (or less well known) quote, inspiring moment of brilliance, or a great movie you saw when you were 8? Share your passion with your readership! People like to know more about you when it comes to your business, and what inspired you to start your venture is a great place to start.

Don’t just talk in general terms, though – take that inspirational quote, movie, or moment and build on it. For example, if you love the Winston Churchill quote “Never, never, never give up,” base your blog post on the quote and how you pushed through adversity to succeed.

Check Comments

Rather than what inspires you, how about what your customers have on their minds? Check the comments section and see what your fans are talking about. Maybe they’re discussing an issue they’re having with your products or different ways your company has helped them. These topics are ripe for a follow-up post.

Or they could have gone completely off-topic. This is totally fine – it shows just what they truly like discussing and are passionate about. Instead of ignoring this off-topic discussion, mine it for a future blog post. This shows that you truly listen to your customers, and this willingness to veer off topic can lead to a real connection between you.

Fake an Interview with Yourself

Want your fan base to really get where you’re coming from? Form your blog post in the form of an interview. Hit some of the key points of what drives you in your business or hard-hitting questions that could quell some of your customers’ fears.

Also, why not ask your customers what they want to know? Make a mini-blog post or Facebook post asking what they would like to know about your business. This way you’ll make sure to hit what people really wonder about.

Want to make a step further? I’ve seen this kind of post done as a video with the subject simply dressing up in two different styles to be the interviewer and interviewee. It sounds silly, but it got a lot of traction!

Go Nuts

Have something on your chest? Feel like you want to vent or try something crazy but are just too afraid of what people think? It’s time to go nuts!

Remember, your readers only see what you publish. If you write a crazy post that will make your readers scratch their heads, you don’t have to publish it. However, the simple act of writing it and getting it out of your system can inspire you to make a blog post your readers do want to read.

So let it all out – write something stream of conscious, try a bonkers format, or just write gibberish. The simple act of doing something different can be very freeing.

What is a blog post you’ve always wanted to try but are too worried about the backlash?

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