Content You Should Include with Every Email Newsletter

It’s important to make every single email you send in your newsletter campaign as amazing as possible. The more boring emails you send the more customers you potentially chase away. The better your information, the more likely your readers will forward the email to others, gaining you new readers and customers. 


So what’s most interesting to your readers? While a lot of that decision depends on you and your business, there are some basic things you should always include to keep everyone coming back. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Images…with an Option 

Nobody wants a giant wall of text to come into their email every day or week. While you can break up the text with a lot of white space, it’s important to remember to include images as well. Not only does this give your readers’ eyes a break, it also makes things more visually interesting as a whole.

However, make sure you give the option to opt out of these images. Some of your readers don’t want a bunch of images or even one. They just want to read what you have to say and move on with their day or they simply don’t have compatible devices. (Keep in mind that if your customers opt out of images most email marketing apps won’t be able to track their states, such as open, click thru and forward rates.)

Your Info 

Believe it or not, your customers didn’t just sign up for your email newsletter – they signed up for others as well! If you don’t remind them who you are, they might get annoyed with all these random emails they’ve been getting. A simple footer at the end of your email (another chance for an image – your logo) can remind them who they’re dealing with. Plus, it’s the law!

Inspire Them to Do Something 

Every email newsletter needs a call to action. It doesn’t have to necessarily be “go buy something from me,” however; they are plenty of other things you can inspire them to do. For example, you may be trying to boost your social media presence, so send them to Facebook to “like” your page.

It sounds harsh, but people need directions to do stuff, otherwise when they’ll either forget or not even think about it as they delete your email. The simplest prodding in the right direction can make them at least consider clicking on what you want them to.

Exclusive Content 

Everyone likes to feel special. You don’t want your readers to sign up for your newsletter and realize they can get the same info from your website or social media accounts, especially coupons and other offers. There will be no reason to keep your newsletter around and they’ll unsubscribe in no time flat.

So try to make some things “exclusive” in your newsletter. It can be anything from a coupon to a link to totally different blog posts everyone else sees. Another idea is to let them get access to new items first. While others can buy it later, just giving them a few days to pick up items first can make them feel special enough to keep your newsletter coming in.

What’s the best newsletter you’ve seen?

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