5 Companies Using Twitter Creatively

“Success is related to standing out, not fitting in. One wants to be the needle in the haystack, not the haystack.” – Don Draper from Mad Men

Listen to Don. He knows what he’s talking about. Especially when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

Twitter is overflowing with companies trying to reach new customers and make more sales. But the problem is it’s all just a bunch of noise. 99.99% of the companies on Twitter all blend in with one another. They are the haystack, not the needle.

If you want to be truly successful with marketing on Twitter, you have to stand out. You need to be different. You need to be the needle.

Check out these 5 companies using Twitter creatively to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

1. MMM Cupcake Truck – Food trucks are nothing new. Go into any major city, and you’re bound to see some trucks serving up delicious treats. But food trucks on Twitter, now that’s something new and exciting. MMM Cupcake Truck in Houston uses Twitter to share their current location with customers. So whenever they say “We just parked at McKinney and main and will be here until about 12:30.”, cupcake lovers come a-callin’.

2. JetBlue – The thing I love about the JetBlue Twitter account is that it’s not about shouting advertisements to followers. Instead, JetBlue uses Twitter as a way to enhance their customer service. They share information about flight delays, answer questions for customers, and even respond to complaints. Maybe it’s not super creative, but it is smart and effective.

3. Patxis Pizza – This pizza joint in San Francisco makes the list for the creative Twitter promotions they run. They regularly run promotions where they give customers drink deals who Tweet they are in Patxi’s and show their server. It’s a good way to reward customers while creating word of mouth advertising.

4. Rubbermaid – Rubbermaid’s Twitter account is “all about getting your life organized.” When you see their Tweets, you’ll notice that it’s not about openly pushing their products. Instead, it’s about offering tips to help people get more organized so they can reduce their stress and be happier. Just so happens, Rubbermaid makes some great products for staying clean and organized. The company also holds group chats where they give out prizes and have fun with the community.

5. InterfloraUK – How did a flower shop from the UK make this list? Not only do they use Twitter as a customer service tool, but they also reach out to Twitter users who are doing good in the world or are having a bad day and offer to send them flowers. For example, check out this Tweet “@schofe We were really sorry to hear your cat died, Phillip. Would it be OK for us to send you some flowers to help cheer you up?” Brilliant!

What are some other ways you’ve seen companies use Twitter creatively? Share your favorites by leaving a comment.

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