How to Comment on Other Blogs and Get Views for Your Own

 If you run your own blog you likely know that the comments section can be pretty important. Often an insightful note left by a reader can inspire you to check them out and look at what they might be saying on their blog or website. Naturally, it would be fantastic if every blogger did this. 

Comment KeyBut you can’t rely on commenting on blogs as a marketing strategy. Especially if you throw any old nonsense up there and hope to attract a prominent blogger’s attention. In fact, if you truly do put nonsense in a comments section you’re more likely to annoy bloggers (and your potential website visitors) than entice them to give you some blogging love back.

Here are some good rules to follow to encourage reciprocal blog comments:

Be Interesting and Relevant 

This rule is absolutely crucial and breaking it will ensure nobody goes to your site, possibly ever again. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but if you’re spamming junk like “LOL great post go visit my site!!!!!” eventually you’re just going to get blocked everywhere you go.

People are reading blogs because they’re interested in the subject material. They want to talk about the subject with other people who also enjoy the subject (or to argue about it, but whatever). They aren’t there to navigate through five comment strings featuring you spouting about your website while totally ignoring the actual post.

So Rule #1 is make sure you’re engaging in real conversation. Talk about the post with others and say what’s on your mind. Be witty, be informative, but most of all be interesting. Did you not agree with some of the post? That’s fine, but be courteous and try to back up your points with facts.

This is absolutely worth spending a lot of time on. If you become a regular contributor to the blog and make interesting points, other readers will check out your site because they assume everything you do is worth a look.

Direct Linking 

While generally it’s good form to just have a link in your profile, sometimes it is acceptable to post links in the comments to your own site. They have to be few and far between and only in certain circumstances, though, as otherwise you could come off as a spammer.

One time when it could be seen as acceptable is if you actually have a relevant blog post to share with the other readers. For example, if the post you’re commenting on is about proper gardening techniques and you published a post that expands on a certain point, feel free to share it. It adds to the conversation and can inspire a deeper understanding of the subject.

Another time it’s ok to post links of your own blog in the comments is if you feel the conversation is heading in another direction and you don’t want to take up a mountain of space on someone else’s site. For instance, if you’re discussing gardening techniques and you get into a heated discussion with another reader about shovel brands, you may want to send them a link to your blog where they can continue the discussion. This can prevent the discussion from taking over the comments so others can enjoy the topic at hand.

How often do you comment on other blogs? Have you had success picking up new readers or customers from these interactions?

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