Building a Better “Mousetrap”

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” This misquote from Ralph Waldo Emerson has become the standard motto for every inventor who strives to make the next big thing. According to the Wikipedia article, many have taken the phrase quite literally, with over 4,400 patents for actual new mousetraps.

For PR Pros, the better mousetrap means always trying to find a better way of making the public run to your door to buy whatever it is your company is selling. If you continually strive to put the perfect campaign together, you’ll eventually get to a point where customers will find you instead of the other way around.

Happy mouse and cheese on a trapPerfect Campaign 

First off: is there such a thing as a perfect campaign? Of course not. It’s like painting the perfect painting or catching the perfect fish. If you ever feel like you’ve ever achieved this then hang it up, you’re done. For the experts, there’s always a better painting in their brush or a bigger fish over the horizon.

The trick then is to always believe the perfect PR campaign can be achieved. You have to have something to strive and reach for or your motivation can wane. If you brought in 10,000 new customers this month, see if you can bring in 20,000 the next month. Does that make the new campaign perfect? No, but it’s a step towards it, even though the ultimate goal is unattainable.

With your confidence up, you can continually grow and reach goals you never dreamed you would achieve. It’s what separates successful businesses from those that reach a certain point and stop moving. While some of those business owners like where they are, many forget that they need to make new goals to keep moving. They built a great mousetrap, found some success, but spent the next years of business gloating over how well they did.

Building the Mousetrap 

So how do you start your journey towards the better “mousetrap?” Before you can build up your campaign to heights you never thought possible, you have to figure out where your weaknesses are. What are the individual parts of your campaign that are dragging the rest of it down? It’s pretty easy to see that your mousetrap has an extraneous lever, but your PR campaign… not so much.

You’ve no doubt had inclinations of certain parts of your efforts that aren’t up to snuff. For example, that press release you sent out a few weeks ago had little to no response. Not that getting positive responses to press releases is ever easy, but you simply had zero answers from anyone, meaning it was so forgettable it had no chance of success.

Again, there’s no such thing as the perfect press release. Each situation will be different and every press release (and every aspect or your campaign for that matter) will have to adapt to certain circumstances. However, you always have a number in your head that’s attainable. Improving the low hanging fruit of your campaign can help you grow and grow. Just remember to never give up the dream of getting better!

What are some aspects of your latest PR campaign that could be improved?

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