Breaking Your Press Release Addiction

When looking for free publicity, companies and individuals alike often think a press release is not only their best bet, but their only bet. But a press release, even well-crafted one, will be useless if the story it’s touting doesn’t grab the attention of journalists. One newsworthy story is worth a dozen press releases. If you or your public relations department has become addicted to the press release, here are four things you need to think about. How effective are your press releases, anyway?

1. A newsworthy story. This is the equivalent of our musician’s talent. It’s the very basis for your publicity efforts. Without it, your press release means nothing.

2. Learning to think like an editor. Oh, what an edge you’ll have in scoring publicity over all those press release worshippers once you learn how to get inside the head of an editor. Give an editor what he wants in the way he wants it and you’ll do great.

3. Relevance. Tie in with a news event, make yourself part of a trend, piggyback on a larger competitor’s story, but, by all means, make your story part of a picture that’s bigger than just your company. Stories that exist in a vacuum quickly run out of oxygen.

4. Persistence. Sending out a press release and waiting for results is lazy and ineffective. If you really believe in your story, and you believe that it’s right for a particular media outlet, you need to fight to make it happen. Call or e-mail the editor to pitch your story BEFORE sending the release. If one editor says no, try somebody else. If they all say no, come back at them with a different story angle.

Getting publicity involves so much more than just sending out a press release. Treat it as seriously and with as much respect as our newly minted rock star treats his craft and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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  1. Joe Ferry says:

    While these tips seem amazingly elementary to someone who has been in the PR field for 30 years, it is equally amazing how many people have no clue how to go about how to work with the media.

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