Boom or Bust in the Wild, Wild World of Apps: How to Use PR to Leverage Your App for Success

The world of mobile apps is a hectic one, and if you come up with a truly killer piece of software you stand to make a ton of money. Whether it’s a game, a business app, or even something silly that goes viral for some inexplicable reason (remember bubble popping?), mobile apps are big business. 

But all your app making skills and great ideas may be for nothing if nobody knows to pick it up in the first place. It’s time to get out there and let people know you exist and you want to make their life better… or at least more Smartphone apps iconsfun! To do this, though, it may take some real PR prowess. After all, launching an app is like launching any other product.

To help you leverage your app for success, try the following tips to get the word out.


Let the Techie World Know 

While everybody loves a good app, tech heads are one of the most likely ways of making sure word spreads around the web. There are websites, forums, and blogs solely dedicated to reviewing the next best thing in electronics, including apps.

So make sure you get out there and talk to these people. Send them any press releases you’ve written or news coverage you’ve already received. Go into detail why your killer app is just that – even better, show them with a video.

Hit up the discussion forums, too. It’s always a good idea to go where the people are and mobile techies would like to talk about your new app where they hang out. Be careful about spamming, though, as blatantly advertising your product could get you banned. One tip: look for a dedicated thread for shameless promotions.

Media Kits 

When sending out press releases and the like, it may help to build up a real media kit. After all, journalists and bloggers may want to know more about you and your company as well as your product. Go the extra mile to show off why others should take you seriously.

Bios for the developers work great, as well as any recognition you’ve gotten for past work. Better yet, include stories why you got into the app game in the first place: what drives you? How did you come up with the idea? Why should anyone care? These stories can get people talking more than anything else. People relate to your personal story. 


See the note above about making a video? Do that. Why? Multiple reasons: not only does it show off the great app you’ve made, but it always instills confidence in the viewer and anyone else interested in the product. You’ve shown that the app actually works and that you’re willing to help others with it.

Don’t just make one little promotional video, though. Make a few that show tips and interesting ideas how to use the app. For example, if you know users have a common problem, make a video showing how your app makes their life that much easier.

Also, try combining this idea with the media kit tip. Instead of written bios, have your developers and other employees talk about why they love the app so much and how they came up with the idea. This can really connect your audience with the company in many ways.

Have you made an app before? How did you market it?

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