Blog Writing Tricks for Quick Success

Want to get your blog off to a great start? Usually, corporate blogs take a while to get going. Even if you already have a large number of customers, it can be difficult to lead them over to your corporate blog. This can be a long, frustrating process that leads many bright-eyed would-be corporate blogs to quickly fold. 

blog_commentsWant to help speed along the process? While there is no guarantee you’ll achieve instant success like you want, there are a few things you can do to give your corporate blog a better chance. Here are a few ideas.

Let People Know You Exist 

Yes, this is a simple idea, but it’s important. If nobody knows your blog exists, they can’t go to it and read the content. It won’t magically become popular out of nowhere; you have to go out into the web and tell people.

However, “go read my blog” won’t do. Go find other blogs like yours or blogs that deal with the same industry you do and talk with their authors about what they’re writing. Show a unique perspective in the comments section and email them to continue a hot discussion. People will naturally gravitate towards your blog if you simply show them the way.

Get Your Bounce Rate Under Control 

What do people see when they first click on your blog? First impressions aren’t just important for first dates or job interviews, they’re important in every aspect of life. If potential readers visit your blog and immediately leave, it’s for a reason. They didn’t just arbitrarily decide to “bounce.” Either the content was terrible or the blog itself is a total mess.

Every page on your blog should be as interesting and intriguing as possible. Offer new readers incentives to read the article they came for, and then to keep browsing around. One tip is to look at some of your favorite print magazines – what makes you pick it up and read inside rather than put it back on the shelf? The same ideas can be used – in modified form – for your blog.

Interlinking Content 

Search engines (and some readers) won’t take you seriously when you’re new. If your blog appears like it’s just out of the gate, they might not want to read what you have to say yet. If they do, they may not give it a second thought – and that’s a lot of “maybes” to contend with when you’re looking for definites.

Linking to other content on your blog goes a long way in legitimizing your blog to search engines and to your readers. However, the other part of this activity involves writing material that you can interlink TO.

This goes back to the idea that boosting up a blog simply involves a lot of consistent writing. Of course since you’re looking for a “quick fix” for your blog, you might want to either write multiple blogs per day or hire a few people to help you out. This way you can launch your blog and start seeing results right away.

Do you have any other tips for quickly launching a corporate blog?

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