What Your Blog Writing Says About Your Company

Think all blogs are the same? No matter what you write, it’s just relaying information – you’re not really saying anything else, right? After all, it’s just writing. Everyone blogs and you don’t make rash decisions on their business depending on what they blog about, do you? 

Searching for a Niche Group - Magnifying GlassOf course you do, as does everyone else. You can’t just write about anything and expect people to get where you’re coming from. If you were a bank and blogged about partying and gambling all the time, would you expect customers to take you seriously? Would you be surprised if they ran screaming in the other direction?

But it goes deeper than that. It’s not just the subject matter – all the writing on your blog says a ton about your company. Even the most banal sentence on your blog can make a customer think one thing or another about you. This is why it’s important to be careful with everything you say.

Confusing Tone 

You always want your blog to reflect well on what you do. Whether you sell pencils, run a corporation, own a Mom & Pop, or have a mildly successful Etsy shop – everyone who reads your blog should get the idea you love what you do and are extremely proud of it. If they don’t, then why should they buy from you?

Nonetheless, despite your best efforts, your tone may be very confusing on your blog. Did you write your blog when you were having a bad day? It may have reflected in the writing without you even realizing it. After you post it, your fans may be confused as to why you’re so depressed talking about the great product you just released. Then they may get the idea you’re not really happy about it…and maybe the company isn’t so keen on it in the first place.

This is the importance of watching your tone. It has to match your company as well as your enthusiasm. Your bank may not talk about partying, but your excessive usage of exclamation marks and caps makes it seem like you’re not as responsible as customers would like. Your intent may be good, but your tone betrays you.

Devil is in the Details 

Honestly, the slightest little thing can greatly influence your readers’ opinion of your company. While words may be cheap on the web, businesses shouldn’t take that to heart. Instead, you should take everything you write into consideration.

For example, let’s say you don’t feel particularly bound by the laws of grammar. While a company that plays fast with the rules is fine and dandy, it only works if that’s what you want to convey. Otherwise, you could come off as careless, dumb, or worse – not worth taking seriously. Any of these could be a huge pain in your bank account when people stay away.

On the other hand, writing like an English major might also work against your business. For instance if you own a company that sells mainly to teenagers, being strict with your grammar might actually put them off as you could come off as stuffy and too “adult.” It’s all about knowing your audience and what they like.

How much research have you put into your writing style?

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