Are You Leaving Blog Comments That Make You Look Dumb?

It wasn’t all that long ago that blog commenting was seen by some as a decent tactic for building links and driving website traffic. Personally, I never bought into that strategy, but some did and it may have worked for a while. But the days of getting any link juice from blog comments are long gone, and now, many people have written off blog commenting for marketing and PR purposes altogether.

But I still believe that commenting on other blogs can be a smart move. By leaving insightful comments on targeted blogs in your niche, you can:

  • Build relationships with bloggers
  • Connect with readers
  • Increase your authority and position yourself as an expert
  • Maybe even drive traffic back to your website

Of course, you can’t just leave any old comments on blogs and expect to enjoy these benefits. You have to make sure you’re leaving high quality comments, not blog comments that make you look like a dumbass.

What kind of blog comments should you avoid leaving so you don’t look like a dumbass?

  • Short, generic comments that aren’t specific to the post — Don’t waste your time leaving comments like, “Good post!” or, “I agree!” These are the types of comments spammers leave. If you’re going to comment, make sure you take the time to read the post and respond to the topic being discussed in it. Show that you have a strong understanding of the content, and try to push the conversation forward.
  • Comments that are controversial for the sake of being controversial — Yes, being controversial will get you noticed, but if you’re going around being controversial just because you want attention, people will see right through you. If you don’t truly believe what you’re saying, don’t post it just because you want to get a reaction.
  • Disrespectful comments — There are a lot of mean people on the internet. Trolls. Keyboard gangstas. Don’t be one of them. No one likes an obnoxious troll, and you won’t enjoy any of the benefits I mentioned above if you’re rude or disrespectful.
  • Comments filled with links — Don’t cram your comment full of links back to your website. It will be obvious that you’re just leaving a comment because you want to drive traffic to your site. You’ll be seen as a spammer. If the comment form has a space for including a link, put it there and leave it at that.
  • Comments riddled with typos — Yes, blog comments are fairly casual, but if your comments have a bunch of misspellings and punctuation errors, you’ll undermine your credibility.

What are some other annoying things people do when leaving blog comments? Share your thoughts by leaving a great comment below!

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Hello Mickie,

Found you through an article you had left at about ’10 stupid mistakes in employee relations.’ I do have wordpress blogs integrated on my websites, and what amazes me is the number of comments that come that are not related with my content at all. What I hate most is when someone writes down that they were recommended by their friends to our website blog, because of the great articles I have. A LIE. How then would I approve such a comment? Great Article. I am trying to to do article marketing, if you know of the way I could do this, please get back to me; I have left my email.

Thank you, Peter.



It’s a tough call. If I feel the comment is not sincere or question whether it’s automated or a linking strategy, I look at the name used for comment. Is it a keyword phrase or is it a person’s name. That clinches it for me. If it’s a good comment, I remove the keyword phrase and may remove links as well. If the comment is not good, it goes to my comment spam or trash box.




Love this article. I often wonder if commenting is in my best interest – particularly when I’m thinking about replying to a comment left on our blog. I know it’s good to be responsive, but sometimes there is NO clever reply!


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