A PR Pro is Like Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

 When you enter into the public relations world you should be prepared to see some strange things. A PR pro is like Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and journeys into Wonderland. She runs into some bizarre sights and meets some very interesting characters, but in the end she comes out stronger for it after never losing her cool. 

Try to be like Alice! Here are some of the crazy situations and characters you may meet along the way.

CupcakeBigger/Smaller Potions

After Alice first tumbles down the rabbit hole, she encounters a puzzle – there’s a door too small to fit through and a key on a table. She drinks a potion that shrinks her to be able to fit through the door…but she leaves the key on the table, which ends up way overhead. She eats a piece of cake that makes her grow to get the key, but now she’s too big to fit in the door. What to do?

This situation is quite a bit like trying to find the best way to break into the public sphere. You try one thing and discover it’s too big – only to try another and find it’s too small. It can be maddening. Like Alice, though, if you put enough blood, sweat, and tears into it, things will turn out ok.

Mad Hatter 

There’s always somebody that comes out of the woodwork who only seems to want to cause madness. They say nonsensical things like “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” and demand all your attention all the time. No matter what anybody else is talking about or what any of it means; the PR Mad Hatter only wants to make your day a little more surreal by introducing craziness into it.

Of course the Mad Hatter in Alice was most likely crazy due to lead in his hat. However, there’s no telling what drives people on the Internet to say the crazy things they do. The only thing you can do is act like Alice and try to communicate with them before leaving the tea party (either ignoring them or blocking them altogether).

Queen of Hearts 

You’ll know you’ve truly made it as a PR pro when someone yells “Off with your head!” Whether it’s in person, online, or over the phone, you’re going to encounter a truly angry customer, colleague, newspaper reporter, or somebody else. Until you get to this point you’re only practicing at public relations.

Like the Queen of Hearts in the story, the PR Queen is just a “pack of cards.” They may have some power, and you have to treat them with respect. But at the same time you can’t let angry people run your business for you, or you’ll lose why you went on this journey to begin with. Talk to them to see what’s really on their mind and get to the root of the matter

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen as a PR pro?

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